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How do I set up and log into the department VPN?

Questions and Answers


Do I need an ECE, ISR, Physics, or Math (domain) account?

The short answer is “No”. We have moved away from department-specific logins in favor of using campus’ central log-on service which only requires your Directory ID and Directory Password.  However, if your data is still located on a server that requires your old department username and password, then email the appropriate help desk and we will work with you to determine the best course of action.

Note: The department Gmail (Google Apps for Education) account is not related in any way to the department domain accounts. The information provided in this response does not apply to your Gmail account.

My password has expired. How can I reset it?

Directory Passwords can be reset at If you do not have access to a computer, then feel free to visit the help desk in either the 1449 AV Williams or 1301J Toll Building for assistance. If there is an issue that cannot be resolved by the help desk technicians you may be referred to the Div. IT Help Desk in McKeldin Library.


I am no longer receiving e-mail. What happened?

You may not have your forwarding address correctly set up in the university’s system. In order to check this:

1)      Visit and log in with your directory information.

2)      Click “Change email address” on the right-hand side.

3)      Scroll down the page until you see the heading “All Employees must provide an Office Phone”. Underneath that section is a box titled “Email Address”. All emails that are sent to your university email ( will be forwarded the address in that box.

If your email is still not forwarding correctly, then contact the help desk so that we may assist you further.



What's the difference between being "on the domain" or not?

Please see the following link for a detailed explanation of the difference between the two:

A short summary is that with on-domain you use your University account to log in and do not have administrative privileges. Off-domain, on the other hand, uses local accounts but give you the option of being an administrator. 

How can I get internet access for a new computer?

If you have a laptop, then you should have access to the campus wireless network. In most cases, this should be sufficient. However, if you are in an office and require a wired connection, then please send the help desk an email describing your situation and we will work on a solution that best fits your needs.

I lost the connection to my network drive(s). How can I fix this?

Try restarting your computer. If you have to run the VPN to get to the drive(s), make sure that you are connected and on the correct VPN. If this does not solve the issue, contact the help desk.

How can I get access to a shared drive that my colleagues use?

Email the help desk with both the name of the drive, the path (if you happen to know it), and if possible, someone else who has access to the drive. We will then work with you to map it to your desktop should access be granted. Note: It may be necessary to discuss this access with your supervisor before proceeding. 

Room Reservations

Who do I talk to about reserving a conference room?

Reservations for Physics, ECE, Math, BIOE, and ISR departments can be done through All other ENGR room reservations are done through

How do I cancel a conference room reservation?

You can cancel the reservation yourself on and email Gabby Barnhart for cancelling reservations made on clarknet.


What software will be installed on my new computer?

When we are configuring a computer for deployment (or re-deployment), we install a suite of basic software that most users will need. For Windows 7 machines, this includes:

  • Microsoft Office 
  • Microsoft Forefront (anti-virus)
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • MikTeX
  • TeXnicCenter
  • Cisco VPN
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • VLC Player
  • WinSCP
  • Putty
  • 7-zip
  • Notepad++
Other specialized software, such as Comsol or Matlab, may be available on request. Please include your request for special software in your initial visit to the help desk or use our e-mail address to contact us about the additional installations.

What software is available for installation on my computer?

Several software packages are provided by the University and are either free for download or available at a discounted rate. 

Software that is available for download can be found at

Software that is available for purchase through the campus Software Licensing group can be found at

Can I get a certain software installed?

If you require a piece of software and do not have administrative access to your computer (meaning you are fully supported by the help desk), then simply email the help desk with your name, department, room number, and the desired software. We will determine if the software is in accordance with our policies and guidelines. If it does fall within them, we will then assist you with the installation. 

Where can I purchase additional software or toolboxes?

Software that is available for purchase through the campus Software Licensing group can be found at

Where can I find free software provided by the University?

Software that is available for download can be found at Please contact Div. IT with any questions or issues related to the Terpware web site. 

Where can I get Adobe software such as Acrobat or Dreamweaver?

Unfortunately, Adobe no longer offers standalone installation of Adobe Acrobat Pro. The company is now offering is products, such as Acrobat Pro DC, through their Creative Cloud Service. 


Mac OS:

To license your Adobe Cloud products, follow the directions on the Terpware page carefully.

Can you assist me with dual booting my computer?

We do not support any dual-boot configurations and will not set them up. However, after deploying the machine, if you have administrative privileges then you are free to install a second operating system. However, we recommend the use of Virtual Machines in place of dual-booting.

What operating systems do you support?

We fully support Windows 7 and 10, GLUE Linux (Red Hat and Ubuntu), and any version of Mac OS X that Apple fully supports. You may request any of these to be installed when we are setting up your new computer. We do partial (best effort) support for Ubuntu (up to two releases old) and Windows 8.1. If you do request that these be installed, please understand that you will be responsible for the vast majority of troubleshooting.


What's the difference between the department VPN and Cisco?

The Cisco VPN is provided by Div. IT for access to the campus network and, in some cases, specific campus resources. Many staff require the Cisco VPN for their day-to-day tasks. You can download this from and find installation instructions for it on the ITSC web site.

The department VPN is provided by our IT group to allow access to protected resources in your specific department. 

Both VPNs use your directory username and password for authentication. 

How do I set up and log into the department VPN?

We have provided a detailed set of instructions for our users. Following that link will take you to an overview page where you can find VPN instructions for your particular OS and different browsers. 

Other Concerns

Can you help me with my laptop?

If the laptop was purchased via University funds and you are Staff, Faculty or a Graduate/Post-Doctoral Student, when we can assist you in the help desk. However, if the laptop was bought with personal funds, then the most we will be able to do is provide technical advice.

If you require further assistance than what we can provide, the McKeldin Library Help Desk (located on the first floor of McKeldin) can assist you.

What should I do if I think my computer has a virus?

If this is a concern, stop using the computer and contact the help desk immediately. If you are able to, please disconnect your computer from the network. Additionally, you may run a scan of the computer with either Malwarebytes or Forefront, should either one of those be installed.