Physics 1303

Table that seats 10 and dozens of extra chairs around the perimeter.
Screen and old-style tabletop projector (the kind that transmits images from an under-lit glass plate).

Please contact if you need technical assistance.
For non-technical assistance, please contact Lorraine DeSalvo at x55948.
Reservations do not appear in the calendar until your request is reviewed by the calendar administrator (this only occurs during normal business hours). You will be notified if there is a problem with the request.



FURNITURE: Restore to orderly arrangement; remove furniture that does not belong

ERASE all boards.  Dry-erase markers (preferably EXPO BOLD) may be used on the front (shiny) wall or on the opaque glass.   To erase, microfiber cloth works better than felt eraser and should be used to clean board at end of session.  Water spray or alcohol spray helps for stubborn stains.

TRASH: Deposit all trash and recyclables appropriate receptacles.

FOOD:  Remove leftover food and leave the kitchen/prep/counters orderly, neat and clean.

Please turn off all lights and equipment when exiting the room.

Departments maintain the right to charge a fee for any damage to equipment, carpeting, and furniture.

If you reserve a conference room for someone outside the university, you are responsible.