AV Williams 2328

Please contact ecehelp@ece.umd.edu if you need assistance.
Conference room
 o Holds 20 people
 o Projector (with Computer attached)
 o Telephone
By requesting a reservation you agree to follow the following policies. CONFERENCE ROOM MAINTENANCE: o EQUIPMENT: REPLACE in NEAT, CLEAN, OPERABLE condition o FURNITURE: Restore to orderly arrangement; remove furniture that does not belong o ERASE all boards o TRASH: DEPOSIT ALL TRASH IN RECEPTACLES o FOOD: Absolutely no food allowed. o SECURITY: Turn off all lights and equipment, and LOCK DOORS after exiting the room ECE maintains the right to charge a fee for any damage to equipment, carpeting, and furniture. If you reserve a conference room for someone outside the university, you are responsible. Your submission will not appear on the calendar until it has been approved by the calendar administrator.