Conference Room Reservations

Please allow up to 1 business day for your request to be processed and reviewed in the system. Thank you.

Reservation System

Welcome to the Webevents system! To reserve a conference room, please select a room from the list to the left (or below). Follow the steps and fill out the form carefully. We ask that you allow up to 1 business day to process the request as some of the rooms have restrictions or priorities that are determined by the department administrators. 

All requests are reviewed by department personnel and you will receive a message from the Webevents system as soon as a determination is made about your event. We recommend that you submit requests at least two business days in advance in case there is an issue with your request. 

Thank you for using the Webevents system. 

Common Issues and Concerns

The administrators appreciate your consideration of these notes. 

The Webevents system is designed to respond automatically to requests with obvious issues such as a conflicting event or an invalid time range. The automated "denied" message you receive should indicate clearly what the problem is so that you may correct the problem and attempt another submission. If after reading the message text you are unclear on why there is an issue, please contact us at for assistance. Do not reply to the Webevents automated message.

Make sure you close the window or tab you used for the submission after you are done using the Webevents system. Duplicate submissions are often recorded as a result of the browser window being automatically refreshed in the background. These submissions are also processed by a portion of our automated system and will likely result in "denied" messages being sent to your e-mail address despite a successful first submission.

When you open one of the pages to view a calendar, remember that it is an embedded Google calendar. This means that you can click on the event to see some details, including the end time. This is in order to assist you with your planning. You may find that some events are scheduled for all day. Please check the calendar again if you receive a "denied" message due to a conflict. 

Please provide an informative title for your event so that the administrators can make an educated review of your request. Lack of notes and an uninformative title will likely result in a "denied" message from the administrators. 

Conference Rooms