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This website has been made to introduce you our Christian community in Dilbeek, near Brussels.

Who are we?

Our small but dynamic group of believers is connected with millions of other Christians all around the world. Since Jesus came to this world, there have always been followers of Him, ‘the Church of Jesus Christ’, which you can find in several churches.

Since January 17th, 1988 you can find us in Dilbeek, a Flemish commune, situated west of Brussels. In Dilbeek is an active evangelical church of about 100 persons among lot of children and young people. Every Sunday at 10 o’ clock we are coming together in the Cultural Centre ‘De Westrand’ - Kamerijklaan, 1700 Dilbeek. Also sometimes (during holydays) in Basisschool 'De Vlinder', d'Arconatistraat, 1700 Dilbeek. These meetings are open for everyone: children, young people, adults, … Everybody makes part of it and we are always one big happy family.

During the service we listen to Gods Word, the Bible, we pray and sing some songs. Every time is different, but always a happy event.

After the service (at about 11.30) we have the opportunity to talk with each other and this with a cup of coffee.

What we believe...

The contents of our faith is based on the Bible, the inspired Word of God.

We believe that:

- God the Creator of heaven and earth is,

- He loves every person,

- Jesus Christ, the only one is who can bring us in relationship with God,

- we receive eternal life by Jesus our Saviour,

- Jesus has to become Lord of our life,

- once Jesus will return to renew everything,

- therefore our life is worthy and meaningful.

Leadership of our church

The evangelical church of Dilbeek is an association without profits, which means that she has an own leadership, a board of directions.

Different from the Roman Catholic Church is that she is totally autonomous. There are e.g. no bishops, but regional, national and international connections with other churches.

Where can you find us?

Piet Krijnen, tel. +32 - 2 356.10.85

Or you can write us an e-mail..