Advanced High Speed Networks

This course builds on topics introduced in the undergraduate computer networks course and investigates 

more advanced concepts. Topics to be addressed include LANs, Protocols, TCP/IP Suite and Data Networks, 

high speed LANs, link level flow and error control, transport level traffic control, routing, MPLS switching and 

Network security.

Syllabus of Advanced High Speed Networks (EC - 701)

1.         Introduction to TCP IP model                                                     2 Hours

OSI Reference Model, TCP-IP Reference Model

2.         Frame Relay and ATM                                                         8 Hours

Types of Switching, Frame Relay Architecture, ATM Architecture, Routing

3          High Speed LANs                                                                          10 Hours

Introduction, Legacy & Fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Wireless LANS

4          Interior and Exterior Routing Protocols                                   10 Hours


5          Traffic Control in TCP                                                                    8 Hours

TCP Flow Control, Header fields for Flow Control, Complicating Factors, Problem with Adoptive Schemes, TCP Congestion Control, Retransmission Management Times, Various Algorithms like Karn’s Algorithm, Jacobson’s Algorithm

6          Protocols for Quality of Service                                                  3 Hours

RSVP Modeling, MPLS Basic, MPLS Packet Forwarding, Constraint Based Routing, Algorithm, RTP, RTCP protocols

7          Network Security Overview                                                         9 Hours

Cryptography Introduction & Basics,  Ciphers , DES, Public Key cryptography, RAS Algorithm, Digital Watermarking, attacks and counter measures, service authentication perform, Various Algorithms 

Text Book

High-Speed Networks and Internets, 2nd ed. William Stallings, Prentice Hall

Reference Books

1 Designing ATM Switching Networks, M. Guizani, McGraw-Hill

2 Computer Networks and Internets, 2nd edition, D. Comer, Prentice Hall

3 TCP/IP Illustrated, Vol. I, D. Stevens, Addison-Wesley

4 Internetworking with TCP/IP, Vol. I, D. Comer, Prentice-Hall