** November 2017 Announcements

Children’s Ministry announcements will be shared on the first Sunday of each month in worship services or you can read below.  

Nursery Parents Meeting - November 12
11:15am to 11:30am (Blue Wavy Wall Meeting Area)

Ms. Nicole would like to share with nursery parents some changes that she hopes to implement by the beginning of 2018.  She looks forward to sharing with parents the new changes, hearing thoughts, and to get volunteer support.

Children's Worship Donations Drive for North Bay Wildfire Relief

11/5 to 11/19

In Children’s Worship this month, we are learning about giving God our best by giving to people in need. With that in mind, we will collect a special offering in Children’s Worship on November 19, 2017 to be donated to help with North Bay Wildfire Relief.  We hope this will be an opportunity for kids to see that they can bless those in need as a way to give God their best.  We would greatly appreciate parent's help in making this donation drive successful.  Please talk to your kid(s) about helping others and giving.  We also hope that you will help your child “earn” the donation money.  We believe the lesson of giving God our best by giving to people in need will sink in deeper if children “earn” the money.  Please contact Ms. Nicole (nicole.lu@ecanaan.org) if you have any questions.  

Below are announcements shared at services on 11/5/17:

When will my child exit the Nursery Care?

Canaan’s Nursery Care is available when babies are 6 months and ends around 3 years old.  Below is the schedule for when kids will be promoted out of the nursery program and into the Little Worship/Preschool Sunday School program at the following intervals:

·       December 2017 (Oct/Nov/Dec 2014 babies)

·       March 2018 (Jan/Feb/March 2015 babies)

·       June 2018 (April/May/June 2015 babies)

·       September 2018 (July/Aug/Sept 2015 babies)

      ·       December 2018 (Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 babies)

What should my child bring to church each Sunday?

·       Preschool to Grade 5 kids go for outdoor play (10 to 15 minutes) if no rain or severe wind/heat/cold.  

·       All kids should bring a jacket (if weather is cold), mess-free snack, and water bottle to enjoy during transition time. 

·       Grades 2 to 5 children should also bring bible.