** October 2018 Announcements

**Special Reminders/Announcements...***

1. Children's Ministry Policy - All kids (nursery to Grade 5) need to be picked from Children's Ministry Program.
Please check the "Canaan Kids Sunday Children's Programs" page if you need to know which classroom to go to.  Pick up time is a great opportunity to meet other parents or touch base with your child's leader/teacher.  Thank you for your assistance to pick up your child/children on time.    
2.  Be On Time and Prepared!
Our teachers/leaders appreciate you bringing your child to children's ministry programs on time and prepared.  Being on time shows your child/children that worshipping God is important.  Being prepared allows your child to fully participate in activities with necessary supplies.  Being prepared can include all or any of following: light mess-free snack, jacket for cooler weather, tithe/offering, and Bible (for grade 2 and older kids).

The following Children’s Ministry announcements will be/was shared in worship services this month:  

When will my child exit the Nursery Care?

Canaan’s Nursery Care is available when babies are 6 months and ends between 3 to 3.5 years old.  Below is the schedule for when kids will be promoted out of the nursery program and into the Little Worship/Preschool Sunday School program at the following intervals:

·       January 2019 (July to Dec 2015 babies)

·       June 2019 (Jan to June 2016 babies)

·       January 2020 (July to Dec 2016 babies)

What should my child bring to church each Sunday?

·       Preschool to Grade 5 kids go for outdoor play (10 to 15 minutes) if no rain or severe wind/heat/cold.  

·       All kids should bring a jacket (if weather is cold), mess-free snack, and water bottle to enjoy during transition time. 

·       Grades 2 to 5 children should also bring bible.

2018 Children's Ministry Leadership Team Members:
  • Nicole Lu, CM Director (nicole.lu@ecanaan.org)
  • Huiyan Neo, CM Preschool Ministry Deacon (huiyan.neo@ecanaan.org)
  • Catherine Wong, CM Elementary Worship Deacon (catherine.wong@ecanaan.org)
  • Ivy Sheng, CM Elementary Sunday School Deacon (ivy.sheng@ecanaan.org)
  • Anita Hong, CM Elder (anita.hong@ecanaan.org)
  • Shirley Tai (shirley.tai@ecanaan.org)