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Dear Sacred Heartists

Merry Christmas!

Will you be interested to enrich your life with firsthand information from our very experienced alumnae?

The Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund (SHCCAAECF) has contacted some such Sacred Heartists in various fields, and they are happy to share their challenges in life, how they overcome struggles, weaknesses and failure, and how to have a meaningful goal and plan towards that goal.

The first speaker in this series is Dr Anna Lok Suk Fong, a graduate of the ‘70’s, who has since got her name honoured as a recipient of ‘Distinguished Scientist Award’ from Hepatitis B Foundation and ‘Distinguished Service Award’ from American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. Dr Lok is currently President of American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.  She is the Dame Sheila Sherlock Distinguished University Professor of Hepatology and Internal Medicine and Alice Lohrman Andrews Research Professor of Hepatology in the Department of Internal Medicine, at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr Lok is also Director of Clinical Hepatology and Assistant Dean for Clinical Research in the University of Michigan Medical School. 

Date: 29 December 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 10 am to 11 am 

Venue: Sacred Heart Canossian College

Mode: Face-to-face session or by Zoom

If you are interested, please fill in the form below so that our school can arrange a suitable venue.


Look forward to meeting you! Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

More information about Dr Lok can be found at:


Heartslift Fundraising Concert 2018

Sacred Heart Canossian College proudly presents “Heartslift Fundraising Concert 2018”, which is co-organised by Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund (SHCCAAECF) and SHCC Music Society.

Details of the concert are as follows.

         Date                             : 27 April 2018 (Friday)

          Time                             : 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

          Venue                           : College Hall, Sacred Heart Canossian College

         Ticket Price                   : $150 & $100   (Stall)    $70       (Balcony)

“Heartslift Fundraising Concert 2018” is part of an educational music project co-organised by SHCCAAECF and SHCC Music Society, which is an initiative for Sacred Heartists to serve the community by enhancing the aesthetic development of primary students in Southern District through greater exposure in the area of music appreciation.  A total of 200 primary school students will enjoy the Heartslift Educational Concert for free and music workshops to be hosted by SHCC music teams in September or October 2018.

After deducting all costs and expenses incurred in the music project, all proceeds of this concert will go to SHCAAECF for supporting the aesthetic education for Sacred Heartists.

The concert will feature outstanding performances of School Choir, School Orchestra, School Chinese Orchestra, A Cappella in various music competitions throughout the year.  We have also invited SHCS Orchestra and our partners, Wah Yan College, Kowloon and Wah Yan College, Hong Kong to perform that evening.

Our Alumnae will perform in the concert to pay a special tribute to Miss Wong Tak Lun, our beloved Music Teacher who served the School for 21 years and returned to Father’s House in February 2018. 

Ticket reservation is open between 12 April 2018 (Thursday) and 19 April 2018 (Thursday). Please complete your payment by 18 April 2018.

Let’s make it a memorable moment for Sacred Heartists of different generations to share the musical talents and achievements of our student musicians and to lift our hearts to the Lord with music.  For enquiries, please feel free to contact Ms Amanda Wu at 2550 6111

Heartiest Movement 2015 - A Tribute to the 155th Anniversary of SHCC

On 22 September the Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund presented a fund-raising performance, held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Heartiest Movement 2015 marked 155 years of education at SHCC by showcasing  a variety of dances  and  featuring dancers from four to sixty years of age. The show’s success was a concerted effort of the school Dance Team, the Stage Management Team and many an alumnae.

The two-hundred and seventy participating dancers included kindergarten and primary students, as well as past and present SHCC students. Some of the performers were founding members of the school Dance Club forty-seven years ago.  The vast repertoire included 18 sets featuring Chinese, Western, Korean, Japanese and modern dance numbers.

Members of the audience including Ms Elizabeth Law, Chairperson of SHCCAAECF; Ms Fiona Chan,  Chairperson of SHCCAA; and Sr Veronica Fok, our School Principal were captivated by the colourful visuals and vibrant movement of the dancers.  Also in attendance, and very much enjoying the show, were our guests of honour, Sr Marie Remedios, School Manager; and Sr Agnes Law, our School Supervisor.

The Heartiest Movement 2015 show was just the latest in a series of events that have taken place in the last ten months commemorating SHCC’s 155th Anniversary.   Others have included: The Heartslink Charity Walk in November, The School Fun Fair in March, The Anniversary Celebration Homecoming Concert in April, The Thanksgiving Mass in April, The Day of Gratitude in May and the School’s Fashion show in July.

Thanks to the Organising Committee and everyone who helped make Heartiest Movement 2015 such a great success! The funds raised will help to provide sponsorship and scholarships to support an all-round education for our present and future students.  BRAVO!

Heartiest Movement 2015

Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund Limited (SHCCAA ECF) cordially invites you to attend our dance performance showcase “Heartiest Movement 2015 (舞動人心 2015)”.

Our students will be performing their award-winning dances and we are delighted to have our alumnae dancers, our primary school and kindergarten dancers to perform in this event.

Details of the performance showcase are as follows:-

 Date:          22 September 2015 (Tuesday)

Time:          7.30 – 9.30 pm

Venue:       Jockey Club Auditorium, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

This event is a fund-raising effort for the SHCCAA ECF, which provides sponsorships and scholarships to support an all-round education for our present and prospective students.

We sincerely appeal to you for your support for this meaningful event.  Kindly fill in and return the ticket order form with a crossed cheque payable to “SHCCAA ECF Ltd” to us.  Tickets will be sent to you in due course.

SHCCAA ECF is a registered charity, donations exceeding HK$100 are tax-deductible.  You may also make a donation directly to SHCCAA ECF in support of an education for the formation of the heart.

For enquiries, kindly send an email to us at dance@shcc.edu.hk.

We look forward to seeing you at Heartiest Movement 2015.

Order form for SHCC / SHCS / SHCSPS / SHCK

Order form for Alumnae

Heartslink Charity Walk 2015

Heartslink Charity Walk 2015

By the grace of God, the first Heartslink Charity Walk organized by SHCC Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund was successfully held on 29 November 2014.  Hundreds of alumnae, students, teachers, family members and friends participated in this meaningful project initiated by Sr. Agnes Law and the school to raise funds to serve children from low income families while providing SHCC students and adult volunteers an opportunity to serve those in need and acquire greater appreciation of human relationships.

 With the generosity and support of the following sponsors, donors, helpers and friends, we are very happy to report that up to now, we have reached the target and received donations totaling to HK$559,542. Please refer to the following for the list of donors. In addition to supporting us financially, many students and past students joined us on the day of the walk. Our school choir and music ensemble presented some very lively performances. There were booths for painting and balloon twisting by the Art Club, the school history challenge by the Student Council, the Green station manned by the Green Prefects and the health station manned by alumnae from the medical field.  Please click into the below link to share with us the joy and happiness on that day. (http://www.shcc.edu.hk/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=1868%3Aa-tribute-to-155th-anniversary-of-shcc-%E2%80%95-heartslink-charity-walk&Itemid=142)

On behalf of the SHCCAAECF, we praise God for giving us a wonderful team and wouldlike to thank our Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Yvonne Leung, Advisor, SchoolPrincipal Sr. Veronica Fok, Our Past Vice Principal, Mrs. Susan Chung, PastChairman, Margaret Ko, Vice Chairman, Deborah Wan and Maria Yuen, Secretary OpheliaChan and our ExecutiveCouncillors Fiona Chan, Teresina Chan, Susanna Chiu, Sr. Agnes Law, Elley Mao,Grace Wong, LorettaYam, our Mistresses of Ceremony, Ms. Beatrice Cheung and Ms. Shandy Gan. SHCCAA, all the teachers,students, workers and everyone involved for contributing your time and effortto make this happened.  May the Holy Spirit guide us in the new project.

 God bless you all!

 Elizabeth Law



Listof Sponsors and Donors

A Tribute to 155th Anniversary of SHCC ― Heartslink Charity Walk

On 29 November, Sacred Heart Canossian College Alumnae Association Education and Charitable Fund launched a fund-raising event at Central and Western District Promenade as a tribute to the Sacred Heart Canossian College’s 155th Anniversary.

Established on 14 February 2008, the Fund aims to promote education for youngsters and offer community service to the neglected in society. This year’s charity walk was a dual-purpose one: for one thing, it raised funds for SHCC Heartslink Programme, a project for students from the local low income group. For another, it marked the beginning of a series of anniversary celebration in the following months: Fun Fair in March, Anniversary Celebration Homecoming Concert in April, Thanksgiving Mass in April and Fashion Show in July, to name but a few.

Apart from official presentation of souvenirs and credits to generous alumna-sponsors, the charity walk was an alfresco carnival exhibiting the versatility of Sacred Heartist talents. There were one-of-a-kind student performances including the School Orchestra’sPirates of the Caribbean, a string ensemble, School Choir’s Recipe for A Song and Praise His Holy Name. Miss Shandy Gan, our gifted singsong- writer- graduate, brought us a treat to To Bossa and a song of her latest film, 點對點.

At the Tamar Park carnival, alumna and current student bodies put up game booths for amusement and medical information booth for offering visitors professional advice. The games booths attracted many a visitor and their families. There were balloon twisting, hand painting and games about our College.

Just few steps away the park at iBakery Gallery Café, the thoughtful alumnae arranged charity sales for raising an extra dollar with their unique souvenirs. iBakery Gallery Café is a social enterprise operated by the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The Café employs people with disabilities.

Without the efforts of Alumnae Association, Parent-Teacher Association, the School Choir, the School Orchestra, the Student Council, Art Club and Green Torch, teachers and the janitor, the charity walk-cum-outdoor carnival would not have been through.