Virtual Day Oct. 6th

Welcome to our first Virtual Day! We have had a great first quarter. Here are some ways to review what we have been learning!

1. Play two of these math games.

2. Make your own story problem. 
-Write it and draw a picture to solve. Bring your story problem to class on October 16th.


-Act it out to solve it and take a picture. Email it to by October 16th.

1. Flip book (in the packet)
Students need to write Creator, Wise, and Almighty on the outside flaps.

2. Open it and write "God is the Creator," "God is wise," and "God is almighty" as shown in the picture:
3. In the right box next to each phrase, draw a picture to illustrate what it means (that God is the creator, wise, almighty)

4. Bring it back to school on Tuesday, October 16th.  We will finish the flip book and use it to learn about the next attribute of God that entails all 3 of these.

1. Listen to the story, Every Friday:

Every Friday Read Aloud

2. Write about what your family does as a routine (the paper is provided in the packet).
"Every ____________ my family ________________."
For example, "Every Sunday my family takes a nap after church."
Draw a picture to show your family's routine.
Bring your writing and illustration to school on October 16th to share with our class.

3. Do "Read-to-Self" or "Read-to-Someone" for 15 minutes.

4. Word Work: Practice PALS with a family member (in the packet).

Homework: Practice the "wh" words (in the packet). We will practice these next week, but we will NOT have a spelling test. Then read the sight words and circle the ones you can read. Bring this homework back to school on Tuesday, October 16th.

1. Watch this video to learn about 3 kinds of matter:

YouTube Video

2. Choose one of the following:

- Draw a picture of you with a solid, a liquid, and a gas.  
Bring it to school on October 16th. 


- Take a photo of you with a solid, a liquid, and a gas.  
Email it to by October 16th. 

Social Studies:
It is a science day, so no social studies work for this virtual day.

Click on the link to learn about Spanish virtual day: Español

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