Welcome to EBV T3

The Escuela Bella Vista T3 (Teachers Teaching Teachers) team is excited to bring you monthly technology-rich workshop sessions. The T3 team has carefully selected BIG Ideas for focus each month, which have been chosen to align each with one of the ISTE Teachers Standards.
ISTE Teacher Standards

Individual workshop sessions are chosen in accordance to needs specified in the EBV Teacher Tech Integration Inventory .

Each month, one T3 team member organizes the BIG Idea (theme) and assigns other team members to duties and responsibilities. Each team member is responsible for presenting a workshop session. Workshop sessions should span 1-1.5 hrs. in length in order to give sufficient time for delivery of material by the presenter, as well as time for the participants to 'dig in' and practice/create authentic products for instructional and learning purposes.

All shared materials can be found here within this site for easy access and reference.
T3 Organization

Responsibilities of the BIG Idea Organizer:
Workshop Ideas:
  1. Develop ideas for the workshop sessions, using the ISTE Teachers indicators and the teacher tech inventory results
  2. Consult T3 members to brainstorm ideas electroncially, during individual meetings, or as a general T3 meeting.
  3. Prepare a diagnostic assessment to send to EBV staff regarding their interest and skill levels related to the possible workshop ideas.
  4. Once the workshop ideas are decided based on staff needs/interests, recruit members to run the several workshop sessions. Workshop presenters could be a T3 member, any other EBV staff member or students.
  5. Think about how the workshops will be split up: by MS/HS versus Elementary, by Departments, Grade Levels, Skill levels

Logistics of the Workshop:                                                    

  1. Make sure that every workshop room has good access to Internet/WiFi
  2. Create a sign up form for the workshops and limit the number of participants for each workshop
  3. Introduce the T3 Workshops for the day in Auditorium at whole group meeting

After the Workshop:

  1. Collect all resources shared during the PD and upload on to this T3 site.
  2. Send the standardized feedback form to the EBV staff.
  3. Analyze the feedback results and call a T3 meeting to share the results
  4. Prep for the upcoming T3 BIG Idea PD afternoon.
  5. Remind workshop presenters to follow up on the progress of their participants within 2 weeks after workshop session is offered.
How to Use This Site:
Along the left, you can navigate to any of the pages pertaining to the ISTE Teachers Standards by clicking on them.  Then, click on the individual workshop sessions underneath to view materials that have been submitted by presenters.