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School Committee Goals

SY17-18/SY 18-19 East Bridgewater Public Schools School Committee Goals

Goal #1:               Financial Management
We will support the continuous implementation of a  five year budget plan that is fiscally responsible and provides opportunities for achievement for all our students.

Benchmarks (2017-2018/2018-2019):

        Review monthly budget reports.

        Finance sub-committee will actively collaborate with the Superintendent throughout the budget process in developing the the annual budgets.

        Seek and support the implementation of  a quarterly report on the school budget from the Town Accountant.

        Budget development process: refine to better inform entire committee.


Goal #2:               Committee Development
Through the use of available resources, we will work to enhance the communication, efficiency and effectiveness of the committee.


Benchmarks (2017-2018/2018-2019):

        Develop collaborative communication between the Superintendent & School Committee:

        Implement an annual agenda.

        Align agenda items with the strategic plan and superintendent goals through the use of a legend.

        Use MASC for a resource for ongoing training (i.e. attend MASC/MASS joint conference, schedule workshops, attend MASC workshops in area).

        Develop a protocol and local orientation for new School Committee Members.

        Create a document outlining the responsibilities of each sub-committee.


Goal #3:               Superintendent’s Performance

Recognizing the importance of the Superintendent’s role in leading our district, the School Committee will actively participate in the evaluation process.

                                Benchmarks (2017-2018/2018-2019):

        Monitor the Superintendent’s work towards meeting the goals she has set collaboratively established with the Superintendent Evaluation Subcommittee according to the Massachusetts Superintendent Evaluation. 

        Schedule regular status updates on the  Strategic Plan.

        For the FY 18 School year evaluate the Superintendent’s performance and complete the School Committee mid-year review in August 2017, overall evaluation by end of May 2018, and conduct a public evaluation by June 30, 2018.

Goal #4:               Policy Development
We will review, revise and maintain the School Committee Policies to ensure our policies reflect the needs and best interests of our students, faculty and staff and align with District mission and vision, and abide by MA General Law.

Benchmarks (2017-2018

        Work with MASC representative to complete a review & update  of the EB Public School Policy Manual.

        Maintained updated Policy Manual to reflect MA General Law changes.

        Three (3) year review cycle. Review ⅓ of Policy Manual per year during the three (3) year cycle.


Goal #5:               Student Achievement
We will seek evidence of data driven decision making to guide the revision of policies as they relate to the responsibilities of the School Committee.


Benchmark (2017-2018/2018-2019):

        Request regular updates from the Superintendent and school based administrators about data analysis and related decisions at each school.

        Ensure district-wide test results (MCAS, AP, SAT  & MAP) are shared in a timely manner.