ICAS is an initiative of Educational Assessment Australia (EAA) which is the non-profit arm of the University of New South Wales. This initiative provides an opportunity for students to gain a measure of their achievement in an external assessment situation. Students receive a certificate and an individual report indicating which questions they answered correctly, their total score as well as their average compared with other NZ students who participated in the same year level.


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8 May 2018




29 May 2018




13 June 2018




14 June 2018




31 July 2018




14 August 2018



The last date for payment is Wednesday, 14 March 2018.

Sample questions, both online and for download are available from the EAA website ICAS Practise Papers. Past papers are also available for purchase from the ICAS website, or consider completing the online practise tests.  Free online sample tests are available from the following page: Practice for ICAS.  

In the weeks prior to each ICAS exam, we will be inviting students to join an ICAS study group to review past exams papers in the weeks leading up to each exam. This will mostly focus on students identifying areas where they most need additional practice, but will also give them the opportunity to work through papers together and to seek help or clarification.

Lit Quiz

Each year students can audition to take part in the Lit Quiz. This Wellington Regional Competition tests the knowledge that students have of books. This is really all about what goes on at home as well as at school. In 2011 EBIS took out the top place in the Wellington Region and then went on to come 4th in the National Finals held in June, at the Beehive. The School enjoyed 5 minutes of TV coverage on TVNZ Closeup!

View the news article "Hitting the Books"

Science Extension

Students who have real talent in Science, are selected to be part of this special programme. This is a weekly programme that students come out of their normal homeroom classes to attend.

Maths Extension / Mathswell

With the high number of students who show real talent in the area of Mathematics, this year we are running two Maths Extension classes.

Students compete with other schools in the annual Mathswell Contest. 


Chess Club

In a lunch hour each week, the School provides a Chess Club. Many students who come to EBIS, come with a love and high level skills in Chess. This is a popular activity.

In 2013, the EBIS chess club had many successes and competed at a number of inter-school events.

Extension Writers Club

Rather than a staff member writing the newspaper features each term, the School has put together an extension Writers Group. Their job is to write articles to go into the local paper. This is an exciting opportunity for students who are gifted writers.

Samoan Extension Language

Samoan Language learning is provided for students who wish to improve or even learn, to speak Samoan. As this was a request from the School Pacific Parents group, this language learning is taken at a different time to when whole School second language learning takes place.

This group is popular and students each year from within this group end up taking part in the Wellington Samoan Language Speech Competition. Each Year EBIS students come home with cups they have won at these language competitions.


Other Language Learning

EBIS believes that learning a second language, helps to enhance the learning ability of all students in all other learning areas. This year, every syndicate is providing language learning for their classes in Terms 2,3 and 4. The language options are French, Spanish, German and Japanese. No matter what syndicate a student is in, they will have had the opportunity to learn a language other than English.

Future Problem Solving

Future Problem Solving is a specific programme designed to challenge the student’s critical thinking skills, using a high level of abstract reasoning and creative and ethical thinking.
In the words of the Founder, Dr E Paul Torrance ‘to dream and to plan, to be curious about the future and to wonder how much it can be influenced by our efforts are important aspects of being human.

There are photos on the website FPSNZ