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East Alton-Wood River Community High School

Registration For School Year 2021-22 Is Now Open

Freshman Orientation Day
August 17, 8:00 am - 10:30 am

EAWr will have Freshman Orientation day on Tuesday, August 17 from 8:00 am - 10:30 am at the High School. Freshman Orientation day gives new students an opportunity to learn about and see the High School before classes actually start. Students will start in Auditorium in the Main Building and meet the principal and other staff. From there, students will be divided into small groups to learn about how the high school operates and tour the buildings. Finally, students will have an opportunity to run a "mini-schedule" where they will follow there class schedule from classroom to classroom.

The buses will run for Freshman Orientation day. The pickup and return schedule is in the column to the right

Freshman Orientation Day Bus Schedule


Canal Run
7:25 a.m.
Acorn & Delmar
Delmar & 7th
Delmar & 4th
Delmar & 2nd
7:35 a.m.
Delmar & Hawthorne Pavilion Delmar & Elm
S. Main & Short
7:50 a.m.
Arrive at School
7:55 a.m.

6th & Ferguson 7:20 a.m.
7th & Madison South Side
7:25 a.m.
7th & Lewis
7th & Hawthorne
9th & Esther
9th & Madison South Side
9th & Edwardsville Road
7:30 a.m.
W. Haller & S. Circle
7:35 a.m.
600 Berkshire Bus -- Pavilion North
7:40 a.m.
Broadway & Main
Illinois Bank -- Main & George Virginia & Illinois Avenue
Niagara & Cherry
Middle of Charlene #121 McCasland & Bond
Arrive at School
7:55 a.m.

Help your students connect at home

The federal Emergency Broadband Benefit is a temporary program that provides discounts of up to $50 a month for internet service at home. Participants also get a one-time discount of up to $100 for a device (purchased through a participating provider). A household can qualify if at least one member:

  • Participates in a federal assistance programs like SNAP or Medicaid;

  • Receives benefits under the free and reduced-price school meal program;

  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year; or

  • Lost a job or experienced a substantial loss of income during the pandemic.