Interschool Shuttles

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Inter School Shuttles




                             Be at the schools by 7:40 AM for shuttle Buses

From:                               To:                                                Buses:

          EES                               BEES (direct route)                         E-6

EES                              EHS, EMS, and BEES                     E-2, E-3, E-5

          EMS                             EES                                                      E-4

          EMS                             BEES                                                   E-2, E-3, E-5

          BEES                            EES, EMS, and EHS                       E-4

          EHS                              EMS, and BEES                               E-2, E-3, E-5

          EHS                              EES                                                      E-4




           From:                               To:                                                Buses:

          EES                               BEES (direct route)                         E-6

EES                               BEES, EHS, and EMS                   E-2, E-3

          BEES                            EES, EHS, and EMS                       E-4, E-5

          EMS                             EES                                                      E-5

          EMS                             BEES                                                   E-4

          EHS                              EES and EMS                                   E-5

          EHS                              BEES                                                   E-4


Galeton A.M. and P.M. Shuttles


Mornings: Be at Galeton by 7:20 for shuttle buses

Afternoons: Returning around 3:35


          Boys Bus                                                                                   G-3

          Girls Bus & Pre-School                                                         G-2 

Hawkstone & Eaton Commons

          E-6    A.M. & P.M.                  Pre-School – 5th Grade



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