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  • School Bus Loading and Unloading Information Students are about 50 times more likely to arrive at school alive if they take the bus than if they drive themselves or ride with friends. But did you also know that your child is much safer riding the bus than being driven by you? Studies by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) have proven these facts to be true.  The NHTSA said “School buses are nearly 8 times safer than passenger vehicles” when transporting students to and from school. Their studies showed an average 19 students are killed each year, getting on and off the bus. Most of those killed are children five to seven years old. They were hit in the Danger Zone around the bus ...
    Posted Jan 10, 2013, 1:09 PM by Jerry Windsor
  • Spring Evacuation Drills We will be doing our Spring Evacuation Drills during the week of March 1. If for some reason we are not able to complete all of the drills that week, we will finish them the following week.  These drills will be done during the afternoon routes and  can last up to 20 minutes. If your students bus is a little late during that week, please be patient. After all, it's for the safety of your children.These drills are required by the Colorado Department of Education. Each driver, including sub drivers, are required to do an evacuation drill twice a year. One in the Fall and one in the Spring.
    Posted Feb 13, 2015, 8:15 AM by Jeff Clark
  • Interschool Shuttles Inter School Shuttles                                                                                                           A.M.                                                           Be at the schools by 7:40 AM for shuttle Buses From:                               To:                                                Buses:           EES                               BEES (direct route)                         E-6 EES                              EHS, EMS, and BEES                     E-2, E-3, E-5           EMS                             EES                                                      E-4           EMS                             BEES                                                   E-2, E-3, E-5           BEES                            EES, EMS, and EHS                       E-4           EHS                              EMS, and BEES                               E-2, E-3, E-5           EHS                              EES                                                      E-4                                                             P.M.                        From:                               To:                                                Buses:           EES                               BEES (direct route)                         E-6 EES                               BEES ...
    Posted Feb 13, 2015, 8:22 AM by Jeff Clark
  • Bus Rules  Bus Rules 1. The driver is the AUTHORITY on the bus. Students are required to follow their instructions.2. Backpacks and personal items should be stored on your lap or the overhead rack. 3. Toys need to remain in your backpack during the route. 4. Skateboards, volleyballs, basketballs, footballs or other play items are not allowed on the      bus. 5. Electronic devices for your own personal use are allowed until they become a problem. 6. Students are to sit facing forward, and are to stay there until they reach their stop. 7. Students are to talk only to the students sitting in the same seat as them and no one else. 8. No food or drink on the bus, except ...
    Posted Apr 22, 2015, 7:44 AM by Jeff Clark
  • Bus Pass Starting January 4, 2012 the Transportation Department will require a bus pass from any student requesting a bus ride to a stop other than their regular stop. This form should be filled out and signed by a member of the office staff. Any unauthorized student trying to load a bus without this pass will be refused a ride and sent to the office to call home for a ride. Any unauthorized student found riding on the bus after the bus leaves town, may be subject to a student write-up letter. This bus pass is valid only for that day and for existing bus stops only. Requests for a new stop or long-term changes must be made through the ...
    Posted May 30, 2012, 7:47 AM by Jeff Clark
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