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Eaton RE-2 Transportation Department

Bus Transportation for 2017-2018

Riding the bus is a privilege, not a given.

All eligible students are welcome to ride the bus. That being said, we also require everyone to follow the bus rules, for thier safety and the safety of everyone on the bus. If the driver is constantly having to watch the overhead mirror instead of the road because a student can’t behave, then that student is a safety risk to everyone on that bus. We will work with your child but for the safety of the others we may have to remove them from the bus instead. The choice is theirs.

Please look in Infinite Campus under your student’s profile and click on the “BUS” tab for your students busing information. We will updated this when changes occur.

For those you need to shuttle between schools, we have a free shuttle system. No need to chase from school to school, mornings or afternoons. Just have your students ride the free shuttle buses. All we require is for the students to follow the bus rules. Look at our web site for shuttle schedules.

Also, here are a few reminders about the bus routes:

1.      If we go to your stop 3 mornings in a row and you don’t ride, we won’t stop there again until you call and request a ride.

2.      If your student only needs a ride occasionally in the mornings, you must call before 5:30 that morning for a ride.

3.      If your student misses the bus in the morning, please don’t chase the bus; instead drive them to school.

4.      If they miss the bus in the afternoon, we may not go back and get them.

5.      Students are to be at their bus stop 5 minutes before their scheduled pick up time.

6.      During inclement weather, the bus will start 5-10 minutes earlier than normal. Students at the beginning of the routes should be prepared for this.

7.      If your student can’t behave on the bus, you will receive a call from the driver, followed by a write up letter.

8.      The “Bus Rules” are posted online along with other important information from the Transportation Dept. 

We are always looking for good people to drive the buses. If you or someone you know is interested, please call the Transportation Dept. at 454-5136, or go online and fill out an application. Remember, buses don’t drive themselves.