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Video Lessons    (for students and parents)
The advanced classes should click on their page.

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The video lessons and songs are color coded to identify each unit.
      Climate - red
      Ecology - green
      Chemistry - purple
      Water - blue
             Energy - ch.6 gold, ch.8 beige
      Electricity - light blue
      Scientific Method - black
      Atmosphere - gray

Current Vocabulary Terms






     7th Grade Science is currently using Schoology at this time.

Songs from class

  current :                            Gravity Song

                                       Weight & Mass Song

                           Moon Phases Song - Mr. Lee
                       Moon Phases/Tides/Eclipses Song

                                Earth's Orbit Song


                          Scientific Method song

                                    The Variables Song

                                        includes cellular respiration too
                            Heat Transfer Song

                           Potential Kinetic Song

                     Conservation of Energy Song

                          Electromagnetic Spectrum Song

                                 Periodic Table Song