So, many of you may be thinking...
What is a gadget?
Why do I need them?

Simply put, a gadget is all of those little "extras" on a webpage.
They are intended to have a purpose, but some have more of a purpose than others.

You may find that you will not need (or want a gadget) right now, but just like everything else, they continue to evolve everyday and one day, you may decide otherwise!

How to add gadgets to your site:
Reminder:    In order to make any changes to your site, you must always be in the editing screen.  Simply click on the pencil at the top of your screen or use the "e" key as a shortcut.  

From  here, go to the insert tab and scroll to the bottom of the menu.  Select "More gadgets".  The screen that appears will direct you to the featured gadgets for today.  You can view more gadgets by selecting "public" which is located just above "featured". Find a gadget you would like to add to your page and select it.

Here is a video to show you each step: