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Course Description: from the Ohio Department of Education Social Studies Standards:

World Studies from 750 B.C. to 1600 A.D.: Ancient Greece to the First Global Age.  The seventh grade year is an integrated study of world history, beginning with ancient Greece and continuing through global exploration.  All four social studies strands are used to illustrate how historical events are shaped by geographic, social, cultural, economic and political factors.  Students develop their understanding of how ideas and events from the past have shaped the world today. 

Using the text Journey Across Time: the Early Ages as a starting point, the class which will be supplemented with outside materials.  To help students connect with the content, there will be many hands-on/ minds-on activities and simulations.  Students will be encouraged to become responsible for their learning through self-selecting homework and projects options.   

What will we cover this year?

1st semester topics include:

  • Ancient Greece and Rome,
  • the "dark ages" and medieval Europe,
  • the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe
2nd semester topics include:
  • the Byzantine and Islamic world,
  • medieval Africa, China, and Japan,
  • the Silk Road trade network

At the end of the year, we set the stage for the Age of Discovery when Europeans "discover" North America in time for 8th grade Social Studies.