Accelerate Your Classroom With Free Technology
Learn how to integrate free technology into your classroom. We will look at a comprehensive approach to incorporating technology into activities, projects, and lessons for a 21st century classroom. Participants will be given time to discover and learn about free software used in EAST classrooms across the nation. In addition, EAST best practices and delivery methods will be demonstrated throughout the session for teachers to better integrate technology into their curriculum. Participants will leave with a working plan for a technology-integrated project or activity to improve student outcomes.

Digital Mapping: See Your Data
Come see what maps can do for you and your lesson plans. This session will unveil free tools such as Google Maps and Esri ArcGIS. These tools will help you to take your data-driven curriculum and make it fun for your students to visualize and comprehend. Join us to go beyond the bar graph, the globe in the corner, or a map on the wall to make interactive maps to engage your students.

Awakening the Potential
This session will help you plan, prepare, and deliver life changing experiences that can serve as a catalyst for magical "ah-ha" moments. Learn how to take the experienced-based best practices of the EAST Initiative and turn your field trips, guest speakers, etc. into meaningful and relevant learning experiences for your students.

Kick the Dust Up: Spice your curriculum up with community involvement and soft skills
Need ideas and activities that bring life to your classroom? Do you want more engaged students who take ownership of their learning? Discover how the EAST Initiative model actively engages local communities, fosters greater student ownership and independence in learning, and facilitates students to develop 21st century skills.

Google: It’s more than a Search Engine
Do you only use Google as a search engine? In reality, Google offers a vast array of tools to promote collaboration and efficiency in a classroom. This training will introduce you to the basics of what Google has to offer. You will learn how you can use Permissions & Sharing, Docs, Drawings, basic Google tools, and (of course) how to get the most out of a Google Search.

"Add-On" to Your Google Knowledge
Comfortable with Google basics like Docs and Sharing? This training will focus on using Sheets, Forms, Slides, and tools that can automatically grade assessments, send feedback to your students, streamline your reports and much more! These Google Apps for Education can be used to enhance collaboration, establish instructional outcomes, and create statistical data within your classroom.

"Extending" Your Google Knowledge: Set Your Sites on Chrome
Google Apps for Education are great resources to extend learning beyond the bell. These apps can also help you to be more efficient with digital storage, organization, and communication. Come learn how you can extend your knowledge about Google Chrome, Sites, and Groups to enhance learning experiences for your students. Experience with basic Google apps (Docs, Sheets, Permissions & Sharing) is preferred.

"Coordinate and Integrate" Google Classroom
Does your school have that google stuff? This session will show you how to integrate Google Classroom within your classroom to improve the efficiency of your class to allow for more individualized learning opportunities during class time. We will focus on how Google Classroom can be used in a variety of ways that work best for your style.