Eastside is a congregation of people "Loving God-Loving Others- Making Disciples-Being Changed!” Join us as we worship, play, serve, learn & grow, & find in Jesus the answer to our needs! Everyone is welcome here, whatever their background, past or present. We do that because we are loved by God, & freely offer that love to you!  Our purpose at Eastside is to lead people into a relationship with God, then to teach & model Christianity for them until they lead others! If we can help you in any way, please let  us know.

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Sunday   9:45           Sunday School
10:40-12    Worship
                6 pm          Sunday Learning (most weeks); 
                                   ESKidz Kidz Quizzing, Teen Time

Wednesday at 7:      Prayer Meeting; ESKidz Fun, Teen Quizzing

Eastside Church

3250 Redbud Drive Gastonia, NC 28056; Mail 
P.O. Box 550030 Gastonia, NC 28055-0030  Phone (704) 824-7060.  Pastor Joe Bell: Joe@ESNaz.com 

SUNDAY MORNINGS: We are loved by God, so we love YOU- all of you- no matter if you disagree with us or God, no matter what you've done or who you've been. The love God has for us overwhelms anything else. 

Our Goal is to Bless you in Spirit, Mind & Body!
- Regular Free Health Screenings & Advice 
Join us as we work to become better stewards of the bodies God has given us. Your @ESHealth1 team is here to encourage, support and motivate you to be all God created you to be!

Let's Go- Free Stuff!

Prayer Meeting Wednesday at 7

Send in your prayer requests on our public page http://bit.ly/ESPray or by email at Pray@ESNaz.com

Prayer Meeting

On Wednesday Nights at 7, Eastside Adults gather to pray in worship of God and for the Lord to work in us, our church, community and world. Join us Wednesday evenings and do the work of Christ!

    Raising or Growing
     them, but Making 
Have you led someone to the Lord? Have you discipled someone until they were leading other people to the Lord? Statistics tell us less than 1 in 40 "Christians" do this in our lifetime, but it's the Great Commission, the last instruction from Jesus to his followers. It's what we do at www.EastsideNC.org !

Our church is ho
st and home for Gaston Hope in Christ, a 
local non-profit "Meeting Real Needs for Real People" through after school tutoring and other programs. Gaston Hope in Christ Tutoring Loves Kids for God. To help change lives 1-3 days a week (3-5 pm, 2 hours at a time),  get an  application online at www.GastonHiC.org.

We are part of 
The Church of the Nazarene, an international connected family of believers who have been saved by Christ and are being changed to follow Jesus today. Through our church we join 2.6 million Nazarenes around the world to support evangelism, local work, our 11 Nazarene universities in the United States plus 50+ around the world, and ministry and mission wherever  there is a need.

Our University, Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, is a national research university & training and equipping facility for believers and world-changers since 1901!

We also help Crisis Assistance Ministry of Gastonia, Crisis Pregnancy Center and other local efforts.

ESKidz Time- Kids are important- Join us as we sing, play, laugh, learn & grow closer to God each week! We meet at 7 on Wednesday, and during Sunday School (9:45) and part of worship (10:50) on Sunday. We also have quizzing during the school year on Sunday nights.

ESNYI! Eastside teens are moving fast- doing great stuff- learning about each other, God and faith, and are an active part of our church and ministry. If you want your teens to be involved with some great people, come XLR8 with us!
Quizzing & Bible Study Wednesday at 7 -For our Wild & Crazy 12-18 year olds- some learning, some  fun, good friends, lots of love!

Sunday School Sunday Mornings at 9:45- God's Word & love!

Friday Fun Nights every 1st Friday of month @7- fun, faith, games & grins! Join us!