Mr. Foster's Home Page

Welcome parents, students, and all others to my home page! I hope this will be a helpful tool for students to be informed and stay on top of their studies. I am looking forward to a great school year and am very excited to be your teacher. On this page I will post general information that applies to all students. Please click on the specific subject on the left to get more details about your particular class. The best way for students and parents to contact myself is through e-mail or you can call the school at (530) 656-2255 ext 108 and leave a message.

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Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.
Prov. 3:3

Mr. Foster's Class Schedule for 2018/19 School Year:

1st: Prep

2nd: Personal Finance

3rd: Integrated Math 3/AP Stats

4th: Pre-Calculus Honors

5th: Integrated Math 3

6th: Integrated Math 3

7th: Personal Finance

Graphing Calculator for your Cell Phone:

Download the app: Wabbitemu

It works exactly the same as a graphing calculator, you just can't use it in class. Please ask to borrow one if you forgot yours.

Link to my youtube channel:

If a student is absent, they need to visit one of the two websites below and watch the video lesson for the lesson missed. The student is also responsible for any homework and/or classwork missed as well. These lessons will not replace the learning of the classroom, so please come ask questions upon returning to school.

These websites are great and have lessons for a variety of topics:,

Online Calculator:

How to study for a test:

-Look over and understand your notes, your quizzes, and the problems you did for homework.

(The examples and problems I assign are the ones I think are important, therefore these are the types of questions to most likely appear on your test)

If you took the time to understand all of this earlier your average study time should be an hour or two. (You do not study for the test only the night before in fact most studying occurs during nightly homework leading up to the test.)

If you were lost on some of the HW's and class notes you should study much longer until you understand the material. (If this is the case you should be asking me questions as they occur, start studying with others outside of class, reference the book if stuck, and/or come to tutoring.)