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If you are looking for running shoes, we recommend T'Wolf Trail Run Sponsor and Friend of EMHS XC and Track Teams, Heart & Sole Sports. They have the most knowledgeable staff and have always worked well with our athletes!

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Info on Iron - Some great information on iron from a professional runner.

All In! by Nick Symmonds

"I believe that to be really successful at anything in life requires this level of focus and determination." Nick Symmonds, Olympic 800m Runner.

The Value of Sports - What we strive to teach.

Be careful when running on the road.

"While there are broad individual variations, most nutrition experts put teenagers' basic needs at around 2,200 calories a day for girls and 2,800 for boys. A vigorous activity like distance running increases those totals by about 10 calories per minute of exercise.

"A boy may start out needing 2,800 calories," estimates Craig Hunt, a Spokane nutrition expert who frequently counsels teenage runners, "and if he puts in a 60-minute run, he would likely need to add another 600 calories, for a total of 3,400."

Hunt encourages athletes in training to eat three meals and three snacks a day, including one snack before bed, to replenish, rebuild, and keep the metabolism humming. In the example above, that might mean three meals of about 800-900 calories each, and three snacks of 200-300 calories."

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Running/science journalist Alex Hutchinson has written his last Sweat Science column for Runner’s World. His final column was a great overview of how simple the key tenets of distance training really are. In the column, which was more than 2,500 words long, he listed his seven pillars of distance training. Those seven pillars, which can be described in about 100 words, are fantastic.

1. Running is good for you “in moderation,” which is defined as “a lot more than you’re doing.”

2. If it comes in a bottle, it’s probably not going to make you faster or healthier.

3. The best technology for tracking and guiding your runs is the device between your ears.

4. You probably got injured from doing too much, too soon.

5. The magic workout, shoe, or superfood is whichever one you’ve been ignoring lately or have never tried.

6. You can probably run better; start by running more.

7. You’re capable of more than you think, but it will take time to get there.

Read the whole column here — The Seven Pillars of Running Wisdom — and be on the lookout for Hutchinson’s new book in February which you can pre-order now. Those seven tenets remind us of one of the very first articles we ever published on LetsRun.com: Four Principles To Correct Training For Elites and The Four Principles Translated For the Masses.

Enjoy The Moment

“I had the greatest roommates, beautiful weather and I clicked with my teammates very quickly. I learned how to focus on the positives and the things I could control, which helped me grow as an athlete and person. This lesson is something I carry to my training and personal life to this day. You don’t realize you are in the ‘good old times’ until it passes. So enjoy each moment. Enjoy the heartbreak and the victories. These moments will be ones you carry with you for the rest of your lives.”

– Two-time Olympic triple jump champion Christian Taylor reflecting on his college days at the University of Florida.

Never, Ever Give Up....also push yourself to your limits!

Click Here for an Amazing Finish at the Colorado State CC Champs

Why do you keep running?

“I continue because I really love running. I’m good at it! And it’s my job! One reason I love it is because of the regular challenge to my character and motivation by pushing me outside my comfort zone. As long as I continue in the sport, there is constant uncertainty and there is always potential for public disappointment or failure. I literally lay it all on the line when I race, where at minimum the results are posted for anyone to see, and at the extreme my race is broadcast live around the world.”

-Canadian Olympic 1500 runner Nicole Sifuentes writing about why she’s going to continue to run even though she’s been saying for years she’d retire after 2012.

You are never down and out!!

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You are never out of it....watch this video!

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