Where is that Noise coming from?

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 Mt. Snow, VT Tough Mudder 2012

Standing left to right:  Meghan Ryczek ('05), Jason Ryczek ('02), Valerie Sandin ('06), Dan Ballek ('03), Krystle Petersen ('04), Dan Petersen ('04)

Back:  Ryan Pszczolkowski ('04)


Getting ready to watch the 2012 Memorial Day Parade on Neptune Avenue.

Standing left to right: Steph Cone ('03), Rachel Denny ('05), Nicole Weaver ('970 Sarah Ryczek ('97), Marty Ryczek ('70), Lisa Magnano Conroy ('92), Front Row: Bridget Dean Erlandson ('98), and Mr. Edward Ryczek (Class of 1935).


Debi and Marty Ryczek ('70) celebrating their  35th Anniversary on Waikiki in Honolulu during spring break 2012! Also in picture, Meg Ryczek ('05) and Angela Atkins ('05). Angie is a health teacher in the Honolulu school system!



Nathan Hale - Ray Softball Team in Walt Disney World 2012 


Nathan Hale-Ray Baseball Team in Cocoa Beach 2012

 Principal Spencer and his daughter vacationing in New Hampshire.



New Orleans Superdome Final Four - April 9, 2012

(Left to Right): Tim Miett - Class of 2009, Patrick Miett - Class of 2011


Alumni Jason Hendry along with Coach Gable and the Hale-Ray baseball team at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York...3/23/13


At the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY. Syracuse - UConn game, 2/11/12

(Left to Right): J.T. Smith - Class of 2011,

Katelyn Nichisti - Class of 2012, Ryan Nichisti - Class of 2015

James Weselcouch '09
Salve Regina


Patrick Miett ('11) in front of one of the Olympic Stadium


Jason Ryczek '02 & JT Smith '11

Hoover Dam Summer Trip 2015



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