Mascots & Logos



 The Little Noises nickname was honored by ESPN on its scholastic sports segment in the 1980's as one of the most unique nicknames in the country.    


Nathan Hale-Ray High School is proud of its connection to the early Revolutionary War hero Captain Nathan Hale who was famous for his quote, “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country,” and the local entrepreneur Frederick Ray who left a significant monetary endowment to the high school for educational purposes.  Nathan Hale-Ray High School is also proud of its heritage and connection to the Native Americans who once inhabited the land now referred to as East Haddam and Moodus.

The Native American word Machimoodus, from which the town of Moodus derived its name, translates into “place of noises,” which refers to the frequent earthquakes in this area. 

We are the Hale-Ray NOISES, and we believe that it is our obligation as an educational institution to inform our public of the role these heroes and the Native Americans played in the history of our school and community.  The use of their names and symbols is meant to serve as a reminder of our past and should be held in the highest regard at all times.


    In the early years, a picture of Nathan Hale was used to represent our school in obvious reference to the Revolutionary War hero. In the 1950's it is believed that Fred Post, legendary sports writer for the Middletown Press, used the phrase "Little Noises" in an article reporting a game in which Hale-Ray was victorious. The nickname stuck and in the 1960's appeared the logo that appears above.
   Over the years, a variety of different images were used to reflect our Native American heritage. In the 2000's a new image was created that you see below.
Recently, new images have appeared and are currently in use. They are depicted below.


    We are happy to report that Big Chief Little Noise, a victim of political correctness, is alive and well; residing in Principal Spencer's office. Big Chief was a staple at games and events from the '70's through the '90's and while not actively participating anymore, Big Chief wants all alums to know he would be happy to see you if you stop by the main office.