SOAR Gifted and Talented Program

Definition of Gifted and Talented Students

In both New Jersey and the East Greenwich School District, gifted and talented students are defined as those students who possess or demonstrate high levels of ability, in one or more content areas, when compared to their chronological peers in the local district and who require modification of their educational program if they are to achieve in accordance with their capabilities. (N.J.A.C. 6A:8-3.1)


Gifted and Talented Program Philosophy

The East Greenwich School District is committed to providing an excellent educational foundation for all children from beginners through the sixth grade. We provide challenging learning experiences that are designed to meet the unique learning needs of a broad range of students enabling them to become capable, creative, and responsible members of a global society.


The District recognizes that there are students in all grade levels and from all ethnic groups and income levels who demonstrate cognitive skills and academic achievement that are advanced for their age or grade level. The district believes that all teachers and administrators have an obligation to provide these students with a challenging, empowering, and authentic curriculum that is closely aligned to the students' cognitive proficiency. The District is committed to the education of highly gifted children.


We are dedicated to:


·         Increasing academic challenge level

·         Cultivating self-understanding to foster independent and self-directed learning

·         Developing and refining analytical, critical, and creative problem-solving skills

·         Building on the interests and abilities of each student

·         Enhancing intrinsic motivation for learning

·         Providing for escalating levels of academic achievement

·         Encouraging intellectual risk-taking, self-confidence, academic self-concept, self-discipline, mindset, self-efficacy, and resilience in the face of failure or disappointment