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Information Literacy: A Necessity in the 21st Century

The challenges of the 21st century require that an educated person be literate in many mediums.  Reading and writing in the paper and ink world alone leaves the student unprepared for the real life workplace where they will encounter information, valid or not, coming from a variety of sources and media. It is necessary in this age to be information literate.  That means to be able to read, understand, evaluate and communicate in a variety of platforms.

This website is designed to help the student work with the array of information resources available through Warner Memorial Library and where ever they may encounter relevant materials for their academic studies.  We hope that they will use this tool to improve the way they approach the research process, assess information resources and produce work that is of high academic value.

Here is a video tour of Warner Memorial Library. This video highlights the important resources and services available on Eastern University's campus in St. Davids, PA.