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It's our hope that this site will serve as an extension of the learning community. JMMS is a 21st Century school and we plan to communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically inside and outside of our classroom. We will use this webpage toward those ends, but it will also be an important tool in sharing our news, our work, and our accomplishments with the East Haven community and beyond.


June 17, 2018

Dear JMMS Families,

We are so proud of the achievements and accomplishments of our students this past year.   These have been made possible with your support and through the dedication of staff who work tirelessly to provide opportunities for our young people to grow and learn. Your partnership, as families, has been invaluable and we are grateful for your commitment and support. A very special thank you to our PTC for their generosity and dedication that filled us with school spirit and hope.  Together we’ve learned much and shared experiences that will long remain with us in the years to come.

Let’s take the time now to introduce and welcome the newest JMMS Family Members:            

Our 6th Graders and their Families!!       We are so happy to have you!!

The JMMS Family sends our congratulations and best wishes to Mrs. Patty Scalese and Mrs. Denise Serio on their retirement.  They have touched many lives in their career and leave us with many memories.  Enjoy your new endeavors and thank you for sharing with us your love for teaching and for East Haven. Mr. Ed Crisafi will be joining EHHS for the 2018-19 school year.  His teaching and coaching legacy will continue and he will be waiting for our JMMS students at the high school.                                         

  • During the summer our new 6th, 7th and 8th graders are required to participate in the Governor’s and Superintendent’s Reading Challenge and complete the activities given to all students.  This will be the first summative grade for Language Art and is due the first day of school to your Language Arts teacher. Set time aside each day to relax with a book of interest and let that book take you away.
  • School Supplies have already been posted on our school website. Hopefully this will be help with those “Early Bird Back To School Sales”.
  • A letter will be sent during the summer to share the dates/times our 6th, 7th, 8th Grade Orientations, as well as other information to get your child ready for the 2018-19 school year.
  • Middle School schedules are distributed to our students on the first day of school.
  • Please check the PTC Facebook, as well as our JMMS Website, for new postings and information throughout the summer. 

In closing, we take this opportunity to congratulate all students of JMMS.  We are committed to you and WE BELIEVE IN YOU!    The JMMS School Family wishes your family a very happy, safe and enjoyable summer.

Best Wishes To Your Families,

Ms. Laura Lynn, Principal                                                    Mr. Mark Levy, Assistant Principal


The Connecticut Association of Schools proudly awarded Jake Esposito and Emily Mazzucco as CAS Scholar Leaders for 2018!  This award recognizes Middle School Student leaders who uphold SCHOLARSHIP, are RESOURCEFUL, exemplify and inspire POSITIVE BEHAVIOR and possess outstanding personal qualities of CHARACTER and INTEGRITY.  Their efforts have a positive impact on the climate and culture of their school. CONGRATULATIONS JAKE and EMILY!

Award Winners
of the 
South Central Area Superintendent's Association
 For academic, extra-curricular  and community service.
Principal Marianne Johnson,  EHA Award Winner Thalia Salmon,  JMMS Award Winner Peter Le,  Principal Laura Lynn




We are proud to have you as our colleague.

You personify the



Date - Grades - Assessment

April 9 6,7,8 Practice Test As

April 11 6,7,8 Math

April 24 6,7,8 Literacy

April 30 6,7,8 Performance

May 1 NGSS/Science

Dear Parent or Guardian: April 12, 2018

We aim to ensure that your child—and all East Haven students—receive an education that prepares them to thrive in a global economy and civic life. That’s why Connecticut raised the bar and issued a new instructional roadmap. This new roadmap, the Connecticut Core Standards, sets learning expectations for what students should learn and be able to do at each grade level so that so that by the time they graduate from high school, they are ready to succeed in college and the workplace.

With these new learning goals, Connecticut needs new ways to measure student progress. Assessments are like academic checkups. They help teachers and parents see where students are compared to where they need to be. The results can reveal subject areas where a student is excelling and subject areas where a student needs extra help. This year, the Smarter Balanced assessments will replace our old statewide tests, the Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) and Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT), in reading, writing and math.

The Connecticut Core Standards focus on critical thinking and problem-solving—the real-world skills students need to be successful in college and careers. The Smarter Balanced assessments will be administered on computers and are designed to measure these skills through reading comprehension, writing, and math questions that require students to demonstrate that they truly understand the content. Additional supports are available for some students with special needs, as determined by an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan.

With the new tests, students will receive new scores. Results will be different and scores will likely look lower on the Smarter Balanced tests than what many are used to seeing on the CMT/CAPT exams. This means that, in the beginning, fewer students may score at higher levels. This does not mean that students are learning less. Rather, it reflects that we are setting a new baseline from which our students will continue to grow.

States that made the transition early did see a drop in scores, but they are also seeing improvements year-to-year. For example, in Kentucky, the percentage of high school graduates ready for college and careers has increased from 38 percent to 62 percent in just four years. As students and teachers gain more classroom experience with the standards, we anticipate that scores will steadily improve in the coming years. To find more resources specifically for parents and guardians, including ways to help your child with the new standards at home, please visit CTCoreStandards.org.

This is certainly a big shift for our students and teachers—but one that holds great promise for our children. By making this transition, we are better preparing our kids to meet the demands of college and the 21st century workforce. Our teachers and administrators are committed to working together to support students with great instruction and resources to meet these new expectations.

Joseph Melillo Middle School will be administering SBAC from April 9th.   to April 30th., 2018.

Should you have any concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s Guidance Counselor or teachers.


Laura Lynn


Makieya Randall with our Superintendent Mrs. Erica Forti.  Mayieya is the winner of the Superintendent's Fall Reading Challenge.   Makieya read 71 books and won a gift card to purchase a new book.  Way to go Makieya!  Additional congratulations to Ms. Seipold's period 5/6 class who read a total of 175 books.  
The class won a pizza party for their outstanding reading efforts.

Students in the photo are:
JMMS sign-left to right:  Joe Chevere, Joe Eli, Joe Arminio, Angelo D'Amato, Matteo Torres. Santiago Zapata (SOS Vice President), Maria Rodriguez (SOS President), Tiana Andrews-Harris (Student Ambassadors Vice President)
Front sitting:   Chase Wheeler (Student Ambassadors Secretary and BEEspiration #1), Lily Gagnon (SOS Treasurer), Jessica Urban (SOS  Secretary), Faith Barrows (Student Ambassadors President).


Top Row:  Mr. Cull, Mr. Cuddy, Mr. Manciero, Ms. McGillis, Mr. Magaraci, Ms. Heshima, Ms. DuPuis, Ms. Wagner, Mr. Brown, Ms. O'Day.  
Bottom Row: Mr. Tomassi, Ms. Curran, Mr. Camera, Mr. Bonagiuso, Ms. Imperati, Ms. Huelsman



May 15, 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Connecticut State law requires each student to have a physical exam in grade 6 for 7th grade entry.  Please schedule this appointment if not done already. If the physical has already been done, please forward along with proof of immunizations.  Please note the physical should not be older than 12 months.  If the forms are not returned to the school, or proof of immunizations is not received, the student is subject to exclusion until the physical examination and required immunizations are completed.  If there is a problem meeting with requirement, please contact me at (203)468-3284.  I am aware that certain insurances vary as to when the physical can be completed; some are calendar year, and some are after the date of the previous physical.   If this is the case, please contact me and let me know when the physical is scheduled for.


  • Physical exam (should include HCT/HGB, scoliosis check, BP/P, Ht/Wt)

  • Menactra vaccine

  • tDAP

  • Varicella (2nd dose)

  • MMR (2nd dose)

Thank you for your attention to this matter


Kerry Nizolek, RN

School Nurse

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