Summer Reading

Informational Links and Handouts

In an effort to encourage reading achievement, as well as to improve high school performance, the English Department at East Haven High School requires all students to read a minimum of one book during the summer. All students enrolled in Honors/AP level courses are required to read an additional text which is noted on the bottom of their class list.

In cooperation with the Hagaman Memorial Library, the English Department has chosen selections for each grade. All Students must choose one book from the list (for the grade they will be attending in the fall). Honors Students in all grades must choose one book from their grade level list in addition to the required text listed at the bottom of their grade list. The required text will be addressed and evaluated as part of the first unit of study of the school year. Students are encouraged to read carefully and take notes, as they will be responsible for providing textual support for their answers. 


  • Students must collect a minimum of three passages of 2-3 sentences each focused on important characters and/or central ideas within the summer reading text (passages should be from different sections of the text). Students must bring their quotes and notes to class on the day of the summer reading assessment.  Students will be asked to complete an in class assessment using these quotes on September 4, 2019. The quotes/notes will be assigned a formative grade. The in-class assessment will be assigned a summative grade.

  • All books are available at the Hagaman Memorial Library or may be purchased at your local bookstore.

  • Students should also consult the school website for information on the Superintendent’s Summer Reading Challenge!

New this summer!!  Please see information in the packet or below about Summer Learning Opportunities!  We hope to expand this expectation in the coming year, providing students with opportunities to participate in activities like the ones listed in this packet.  

*Please Note: All students who register during the summer will have to complete their summer reading assessment within ONE MONTH of September 4, 2019.

We appreciate and encourage your input during this selection process. Your input will ensure that your son or daughter chooses a book that is suitable for his or her interests, maturity and reading ability.

Summer 2019

East Haven High School is advocating for and suggesting that ALL students complete some sort of SUMMER LEARNING activity over the summer months of 2019.  

Summer Learning is loosely defined as anything that presents a new learning opportunity for a student.  Summer Learning will not have a grade value attached, but will be discussed at the first Advisory meeting of 2019.

The PURPOSE of Summer Learning is to celebrate our community of lifelong learners.  

Summer Learning Opportunities may consist of:
A New Community Service Activity
Traveling to a new place
Visiting a museum
Visiting a National Monument
Visiting an Art Gallery
Working at a job (paid or unpaid)
An Internship
Brainstorming Capstone Ideas (a list should be present)
Volunteer Work
Visiting a State/ National Park
Reading an additional book
Participating in a Summer Theater Group
Going to a play
Going to a camp (sports, music, etc)
Going to concerts
Taking music lessons
Taking art lessons
Using a language learning app

**Volunteering weekly (every week) at New Haven Reads - this will FULFILL the SUMMER READING REQUIREMENT*** You must have your Community Service form completed with dates/ times that you attended. 

**This list consists of suggestions, but any new learning that embodies our core values of exploring, empowering or achieving  is encouraged!!     There is no grade attached to summer learning, but there is an expectation that students participate in and acquire some type of new learning over the summer.