Thank you for your interest in the NILC.  Throughout this site you will find information about the TLC Grant, job descriptions, and applications for the available positions.  Please feel free to contact any of the individuals below that are part of the Selection Committee with any questions.

Application Process and Materials Needed

  • Sign and date the Job Description
  • Write letter of interest
  • Complete application (for all desired positions, you can apply for more than one position)
  • Three letters of professional recommendation 
  • Deadline for all application materials is Dec. 4th @ 3:30
  • Application materials must be turned in to district NILC administrators
  • Applications may be electronic or hard copy
  • Order of Hiring  1) Consortium Coordinator  2) Instructional Coach  3) Technology Integrationist  4) Learning Lab Teacher  5) Mentor Teacher

Selection Committee:

Nick Trenkamp, ntrenkamp@central.k12.ia.us

Travis Schueller,  tschueller@east-buc.k12.ia.us

Sandy Klaus, sklaus@starmont.k12.ia.us

Renee Cantrell, rcantrell@starmont.k12.ia.us

Cheryl Beatty, cbeatty@east-buc.k12.ia.us

Ann Gibney, agibney@central.k12.ia.us

Julie Bloom,  jbloom@wc.k12.ia.us

Stuart Fuhs,  sfuhs@wc.k12.ia.us