Pre-School Websites

Reading/Language Arts-

Building Language for Literacy-Preparing children today for reading tomorrow.

Gamequarium-  Check out these wonderful games for preschoolers.

Online Language Arts games- Practice words and grammar here.

PBS Kids-  Play games from IPT website for kids.

Phonics Learning Games-  Learn your letter sounds here.

Starfall Reading- Learn to read words here.

Math Sites-

Cool Math for Kindergarten-Fun math games for Pre-School students.

Math Activities- Learn more basic geometry, money and more for Kindergarten age students.

Math Probes- Math activities for Pre-School students.

Numbers Game-  Learn about colors and numbers at the same time.

PreK Math Fun-Shapes, counting, size, money, positions, comparing and more.

Science Sites-

PreSchool Science fun- Learn about the seasons and other discoveries here.

Primary Science- Check out the PreK column for fun science games.

Social Studies Sites-

Primary Social Studies Games- Check out the PreK column for fun social studies activities.

Multi-Subject Sites-

EZ School- English, math, science, social studies, arts.

Fun School- Math, Language Arts, games and more.

***IXL-*** Math and Language Arts activities.

Portal Portal-  Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and lots more.

Sesame Street- Activities to learn your letters, numbers and more.

Shepards Software- Colors, vocabulary, math, science, health and more.

Shepards Software 2- Numbers, letters, shapes, colors and more.

Soft Schools- Math, phonics and printable worksheets for pre school students.

Turtle Diary-  Math, science, language arts, puzzles and more.

Miscellaneous Sites-

Cookie-  Check out the PreK activities here or challenge yourself to the kindergarten level.

Family Learning-  Games here for pre school aged students.

Fisher Price-  Check out these fun online games.

Free Online Preschool Games-  Check out all these fun sites for PreSchool aged students.

Fungooms-  Play this fun game.

Learning Games for Kids-  Online fun for pre school kids.

Online Games for PreSchool-  Check out these fun activities.

Time4Learning-  Check out the activities on this site.