2nd Grade Websites

Reading/Language Arts Sites-

Bookflix- Log in and read about your favorite books.

***Grammar Games***-  This site helps with vocabulary, parts of grammar and much more.

Guided Reading Games- More activities to help students with guided reading.

***IXL***-  Language Arts activities tied to Iowa Assessments and Core.

Literacy Center- Learn common words in Spanish here.

Online Language Arts Games- Learn about letters, words and more.

PBS Kids-Check out the different learning activities offered by IPT.

Reading Games- Learn about alphabetical order, consonant blends and more.

Spell City-Practice your spelling words here.

Starfall Reading- Learn to read words here.

Treasures Reading Series- Units 4, 5, 6.

Math Sites-

***IXL***-  Math activities tied to Iowa Assessments and Common Core.

Math Activities for Kids-  Check out the different games for 1st graders.

Math Magnets-  Figure these challenging puzzles out in addition, subtraction and more.

Math Probes-Games, videos and worksheets for 1st grade students.

Online Math Games-Graphing, money, time, and a whole lot more here.

Second Grade Math-Coins, measurement, +, -, x, division, geometry, fractions.

Second Grade Math 2- Algebra, data, geometry, measurements, money, time, fractions.

Second Grade Math Games- Times Tables, money, +, -, X, matching.

Second Grade Math Skills-Counting, comparing, mixed numbers, place values, $, time, data and more.

Sum Dog-  Practice your math skills by signing up and playing against other students.

Xtra Math- Sign in and practice your math skills.

Science Sites-

Fire Safety-Learn about the importance of fire safety.

Fire Safety 2- Tips on fire safety for kids.

Fire Safety 3-  Visit Sparky and learn about how to be safe.

Fun Science for Kids- Physical science, life cycles, health and more here.

Online Science Games- Weather, space, animals, plants, biology, anatomy and physics.

Primary Science Games- Look at grade 2 column for science related activities.

Social Studies Sites-

Ben's Guide K-2 Social Studies-  Learn about history, government, our nation and lots more.

Interactive Social Studies-Learn about cultures, history, states, flags and more.

Online Social Studies activities-Maps, history, world, presidents, flags, and states.

Place the state-Test your skill on where each state belongs.

Multi Subject Sites-

ABCyaPractice math and language arts skills here.
Dosity- Math and Language arts activities for grade K-2.

E-Z School-Math and Language arts interactive games.

Electric Company- Learning games for kids.

Fact Monster- Science and Social Studies activities.

***4Kids***-  Math, word, typing, and more activities for kids.

Fun School-  Math Art, Language and more here.

Internet4Classrooms-Practice math and language arts activities here.

Kidport-Math, science, social studies, language arts.

Learning Planet-Math and language arts games.

MiKids-More math and Language arts activities.

Primary Games-A variety of games for kids.

**Recess Room***- Math and Language arts activities.

Second Grade Classroom-  More math and language arts games.

Sesame Street- Activities to learn your letters, numbers and more.

Soft Schools-Learn about math, science, social studies, language arts etc. (printable worksheets avail.)

Turtle Diary-  Learn math and language arts activities.

Miscellaneous Sites-

Congitive Activities- Check out these cognitive skills for kids.

Make and Play- Play and learn about habitats of animals.

Netsmartz for Kids- Students learn about online safety.
Playhouse Disney- Check out the Disney kids website.

Scholastic News- Check out stories from around the world.

Yahooligan for kids- Search engine for kids.

Keyboarding Fun-

Dance Mat-  Begin by learning the basics of computer typing while having fun!

Learning Games Keyboarding Skills-  Challenge yourself while practicing keyboarding.

Fun to Type- Practice proper keyboard finger positions while playing these games.