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Inspired Youth Provide Innovative Solutions to Social and Environmental Challenges

Participate in the Ideas That Move Youth Challenge

We believe you are highly capable of addressing real world problems, which is why we've organized a challenge for you to showcase your innovation, creativity and talent toward creating a healthier and more connected world. We're looking for extraordinary young leaders to enter this challenge. In doing so, you'll work with mentors and community members to develop your concept and bring it to the streets of Asheville.

The purpose of the challenge is to create an engaging and driven platform for youth 21 and under to dive deep into areas of passion and then generate innovative solutions that have a positive influence. 

The Challenge will cultivate the spirit of learning throughout the greater Asheville community and provide an opportunity for youth and various learning institutions, businesses and community members to engage with one another and collaborate for impact.

This Challenge is making way for the new ideas and fresh perspective that is provided by the intelligence of today’s youthful thinkers


   1. You come up with an idea to address an Asheville-based problem. An idea that answers the question:
       How can we build a healthier and more sustainable community?

   2. Once you've developed your concept a bit, APPLY HERE

   3. If your application is accepted, you'll work with teammates  mentors and community members over the
       coming months to help you research, design, develop and pitch your idea.

   4. On March 9th 2013, you'll share your idea with the greater community.

   5. Winners will receive prizes, cash and continued support (not to mention street cred) toward bringing their
       concept to life and doing real good on the streets of Asheville.

    Interested? Good. Click HERE to find out more info.

What do you see happening in the world around you that could be better? Choose a problem that affects you personally or someone close to you. Pick something that you care deeply about and want to see improved. You can choose a problem from the Challenge Problem Bank or come up with one of your own. All that matters is that it matters to you.

Young adults 21 and under design innovative solutions to community problems. These are solutions that will have a positive impact either socially or environmentally. This experience will make way for new ideas and fresh perspective that is provided by the intelligence of today’s youthful thinkers.

Youth 21 and under have the creativity, out of the box thinking, and personal will to impact the world in powerful ways. Often what’s missing is a community that invests in the power of their ideas. 

Do you believe in the power of young people and are you willing to show your support?

Click here to learn how!