Conference at a Glance

GINSING Time to Act, Time to Change.  9-11 November 2012


We are pleased to launch preparations for the 6th Annual EARCOS Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference, co-hosted by United World College South East Asia (UWCSEA) East and Singapore American School (SAS), affectionately called GINSING.  We ask delegations to arrive on Thursday evening; 8 November in order to fully partake in all the conference has to offer.  The conference will end at 3:00 pm on Sunday, November 11th.

Middle School GIN Conference within a Conference

SAS and UWCSEA East will inaugurate the first ever middle school GIN Conference (within the Conference) to be hosted on the new UWCSEA East Campus.  On Saturday and Sunday, middle school and high school students will hold separate conferences with middle school hosted on UWCSEA East campus and high school hosted on SAS campus.  

ecoCare Sustainable Future Excursions

If we could give equal attention to economic profit, environmental integrity, and human welfare, could we ultimately create more sustainable development?  Over the past two centuries, the globe has experienced a vast array of changes, many of them the result of increases in the human population.  On Friday, 9 November, middle school and high school delegates and their sponsors will engage in separate urban case studies and environmental action ecoCare excursions around Singapore to investigate how economic development, social justice and sustainable environmental practices can co-exist using Singapore city-state as a model.  After the excursions middle and high school students will come together in the late  afternoon at SAS for the official GINSING Conference opening and evening Peace Concert and Global NGO Fair.


Peace Concert and Global NGO Fair

Friday evening, 9 November, from 6:30 - 10:00 pm on the SAS Stadium Field all delegates will attend a Peace Concert and Global NGO Fair.    The Peace Concert will be open to people of all ages from SAS and UWCSEA East and Dover communities.  Tickets for non-delegates will be $5.00, on sale starting October 2012.  Food vendors will sell delicious meals from around the world.  Student service clubs and global concerns and local NGO booths will be set up in tents around the field.  The theme of the evening, one of the 20 Global Issues, is Conflict Resolution and the Road to Peace.  GINSING organizers are calling for student performances from interested GINSING delegates.  We welcome music, dance, poetry and original speeches and videos.

The Film Festival

Each school (middle school and high school separately) is to submit a film of up to 3 minutes long before the conference starts. A panel of judges made up of professionals and peers will assess how each film develops the Conference theme of Time to Act. Time to Change.  The best films will be shown to the entire conference before and after the Key Note Addresses and all films will be shown during the conference.


High School Global Action Network Groups (GANGs)

In addition to inspiring keynote speakers and interactive NGO workshops, we have added a new twist to the student workshops and separate student-led Global Villages and Sustainability Action Plans (SAPs) of past EARCOS GIN conferences.  In lieu of student workshops where many students present research on global issues, in GINSING Global Action Network Groups (GANGs) students will make mini-presentations of their current actions to like-minded students currently active or interested in similar global issues topics.  Each delegate will select the global issue of choice from Rischards’ 20 Global Issues. 

Delegates will be formed into groups of 20 students from different schools, led by a peer facilitator from SAS or UWCSEA.  GANGs will meet together four times to share first hand action-based initiatives being done now in Asia to address humanitarian and environmental problems.  Students will share ideas, hopes, concerns to generate action plans together, and then present their local actions plans at the end of the conference.  We hope that these GANGs will allow friendships to form across schools and lead to the formation of lasting networks of student change makers.

How many students may attend GINSING from one school?

Each EARCOS school is initially invited to bring one team of up to 6 middle school and 10 high school students and adult sponsors and then, in September 2012, additional students and adults may attend on a space available basis.  We are planning for 250 middle school students and 400 high school students and adult sponsors on a 1:10 ratio.  We suggest that you make preliminary airline bookings based on GINSING 2012 numbers.  As well, we will invite 50 local Singaporean students, 5 students from 10 selected primary and secondary schools.  Selected Singaporean schools will be invited separately.


Reservation and Registration

    Registration will occur in two phases:  

Phase 1, Reservation opens Monday, 21 May and remain open throughout the summer until 3 September 2012.  EARCOS schools may reserve spots and will be asked to pay a US$500 deposit via PayPal to hold their reservation.  Only one person from each EARCOS school should reserve spots for both high school and middle school students.  There is a place on the reservation form to record names and contacts of all GIN sponsors at a school to ensure adequate communication.  Click on the Make a Reservation and Make a Reservation Payment links to proceed.

Phase 2, Registration will open on Monday, 3 September, at this time all student delegate names, passport details, and individual Global Action Network Group (GANG) selections and final payment of US$250.00 per participant will be required.  Registration will close Friday, October 5, 2012.


Hotel Accommodation

Conference hotels are listed here on the GINSING website.  We strongly encourage all delegates to book rooms at the V Hotel which will easily accomodate all delegates allowing streamlined transportation to and from the hotel, SAS and UWCSEA East campuses and ecoCare excursions.  It will be the responsibility of each school to make hotel bookings.  

The GINSING community is both excited and honored to host EARCOS GIN this November 2012.  We look forward to sharing our schools as well as the many cultural, environmental and social issues that exist on our Singapore doorstep with you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.