Science Fest

Heather Campbell & Leslie Odom, Co-Chairpersons

Hold onto your beakers!
SXSF: South by Science Fest 2016
is coming to a classroom near you on
Friday, October 28, 2016

Due to server outage our photos and videos will publish shortly!

Parking for Volunteers:

Volunteers' Corner

It takes over 100 volunteers to make Science Fest happen! And if being a part of this exciting day wasn’t enough, we reward our volunteers with early access to register their children for classes.
All volunteer assignments have been made. You will receive detailed email instructions from the SXSF team shortly to let you know how to execute your volunteer role.

Parents' Corner

  • Feed your child a big, healthy breakfast on October 28.
  • Send your child with a snack for later on in the day after Science Fest, but there will be no morning snacks.
  • Dress your child in closed-toe shoes on October 28. Dress in clothing you don't mind getting dirty as science can be messy!
  • The lunch schedule will be published shortly.
  • Please don't plan to visit your child on Science Fest day unless there is a medical emergency. Only registered volunteers, presenters, and staff can be allowed in the building due to the large number of people that day accessing facilities. Thank you for your understanding!
  • If you have further questions, please use the email links above for the appropriate SXSF team member.
SXSF Registration Dates

(Dates passed): Priority Registration for Volunteers

(Dates passed): October 12th @ 7pm - 18th @ 7pm:
General Registration
SXSF 2016 Team

• Heather Campbell & Leslie Odom, Co-Chairpersons
• Lee Brocklehurst, Registration
• Laura Boone & Kelley Inmon, Volunteer Coordinators
• Andrea Romero, Supplies Coordinator