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Lost & Found

Jenny Sutter, Chairperson
Welcome to the home of FTE Lost & Found!

We reunite lost items with rightful owners!  The Lost & Found nook is near the front of the cafeteria next to the restrooms. Weekly, volunteers organize L&F items and return labeled items to classrooms. We also post photos of unlabeled items in the weekly folders below. If you spot an item that belongs to you, please reclaim it in one of the following ways: ask your child to pick it up, pick it up yourself, or contact Jenny Sutter for assistance. Please contact Robyn to volunteer on the FTE Lost & Found team! 

Label Your Things (Please!)

Let's face it...kids lose stuff! Good news: if the stuff is LABELED, the FTE Lost & Found team can get it back to them! Please LABEL YOUR THINGS that come to FTE. And we mean EVERYTHING:

  • Backpacks
  • Books from home
  • Clothing, especially outer layers
  • Coats, jackets & sweaters
  • Favorite pencils/pens/school supplies
  • Hair accessories
  • Lovies
  • Lunch boxes & containers
  • Shoes
  • Sport balls & equipment
  • Water bottles...etc.
Pre-Printed, Waterproof Labels

...make it easy to LABEL YOUR THINGS!

Please label your child’s things. Label EVERYTHING that comes to school – backpacks, books from home, jackets, sweaters, pants, shirts, water bottles, lunch boxes & lunch accessories, sport balls...label it ALL! If an item is labeled and ends up in Lost and Found then we can return it to your child.

The FTE Booster Club has fundraisers at two label companies. Twenty percent of every purchase comes back to the FTE Booster Club.

  • Name Bubbles: http://Fundraising.NameBubbles.com/c/42340  - This takes you directly to the fundraising page. Just click “Name Bubbles gives 20%,” and then click “Shop Now.”

  • Mabel’s Labels: http://MabelsLabels.com – Click “Support a Fundraiser,” and then choose “Forest Trail Elementary (Austin)” from the scroll menu. Please contact Jenny Sutter at jenifersutter@gmail.com if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering in the Lost and Found.

If lost items are not labeled...well, we donated over 100 unclaimed, unlabeled items at the end of last school year, including winter coats, expensive name brand clothing and coats, and more. Don't let this happen to you! LABEL YOUR THINGS!
Please contact Jenny Sutter to volunteer on the FTE Lost & Found team! 

FTE Lost & Found