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Fifth Grade Events

Co-Chairs:  Kim Noonan & Carrie Wilken 

Below are the events and initiatives unique to fifth grade at FTE:

Fifth Grade Calendar
The 2015-16 school year is packed with fun, important events, many of which will last a lifetime! Visit the Fifth Grade Calendar hub for more information.

Fifth Grade Service Project
Fifth graders work collaboratively with parents to complete a betterment project for our school or community. Visit the Fifth Grade Service Project hub for more information. 

Fifth Grade Transition to Middle School
Fifth grade students and parents participate in a series of meetings, events, and middle school class registration periods geared toward easing transition to middle school. Visit the Fifth Grade Transition to Middle School hub for more information.

Fifth Grade Silhouettes Project
An annual tradition at FTE is the Silhouette Project. Parents take profile photos of fifth graders and transform them into black and white silhouettes for display and eventually for families to take home and treasure. Visit the Fifth Grade Silhouettes Project hub for more information.

Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony 
On the last day of school (Friday, May 27, 2016 this year), fifth graders will get dressed in formal or semi-formal attire, walk the halls of FTE one last time, and attend a graduation ceremony. Parents, grandparents, and special guests are welcome to attend. They will hear parting words from Mr. McCasland, and will view a slideshow and video featuring snapshots of their years at FTE. Visit the Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony for more information.

Fifth Grade Slideshow Project
Parents procure a slideshow featuring each graduating fifth grader to view during the Fifth Grade Graduation. Visit the Fifth Grade Slideshow Project hub for more information.

Fifth Grade Video Project
Parents collect photos of groups of students from the current graduating year (Class of 2023), and a video is creating featuring all students dating from Kindergarten through their fifth grade school years. Visit the Fifth Grade Video Project for more information. 

Fifth Grade Graduation Party
Following the Fifth Grade Graduation Ceremony on May 27, 2016, fifth graders are invited to attend a grade-wide party to celebrate the end of elementary school. Visit the Fifth Grade Graduation Party hub for more information.

Fifth Grade T-shirts
Fifth graders were invited to purchase special shirts to wear at their events this year. Visit the Fifth Grade T-shirts hub for more information.