Class Art Auction
The 2016 FTE Class Art Project Auction is now online! 

Projects are on display in the FTE Lobby and will be available for bidding through 
Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 10pm on the online bidding site!

What is the Class Art Auction?

The Class Art Auction is a long-standing tradition at FTE featuring original class art projects. Class art projects are, for the most part, collaborations between parent volunteers and each of the children in the classroom to create masterpieces available for purchase. All proceeds to directly to the Forest Trail Booster Club.

How to Preview & Bid

You may go by the FTE lobby to view the projects in person OR view them on the online catalog via the website. Please do take the time to look at your child’s project. They are each very proud of the contributions they have made towards their masterpieces!

  1. Head to this website (
  2. Please click on the Registration button. Add a Registration, Quantity “1” in order to bid. Then, check the box that allows you to register a credit card. 
  3. You will receive an email from Forest Trail or text with link to start bidding! DO NOT WAIT TO LAST MINUTE TO REGISTER! 
  4. Once you receive your personal bidding link, you are ready to go! 

Don't forget, bidding closes at 10PM Sunday, January 31st, and all winners must pick up their projects between 8 and 10AM Monday, February 1st, in the FTE Lobby.

Share this website with extended family and friends that might want in on the bidding action...and remember, you aren't limited to your own child's project! There are some great pieces that would look beautiful in anyone's home or office (or donated back to the school...).