We Add Value to our clients in all aspects from Financial to Support Services to enable them to run their business and operations in efficient and cost effective manner

  • We can provide Managed Services as your Outsourcing Partner
  • We can Supervise your business functions
  • We can Advise on your transactions
  • We can undertake Individual Task / Assignment


We understand the challenges faced by the small and medium size enterprises, and are keen to extend our support in following ways
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Audit Services

Our audit services ensure that your company is compliant with the set regulations and standards for financial accounting
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Business Setup & PRO

UAE is one of the most lucrative business markets in the world offering wonderful business surroundings to several investors
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Our package deal include endless benefits; we assist our clients in implementing the requirements set by ISO
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Acc Packages & ERP

Accounting packages are much easier to select, install and implement, according to user requirement and contain basic modules
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Admin & HR

Administration includes several essential functions to support corebusiness cycles, like Sales &operations, Customer Services
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Financial Services

Financial Services broadly covers the scope beyond normal accounting function of the company
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Tax Services

A tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state
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