Kirchner Elementary

581 First St., Quemado, TX

Eagle Pass, TX 78877

TEL: (830) 758-7045

FAX: (830) 758-0328

Principal: Rosalinda Barcena


Maude Mae Kirchner Elementary is part of the Eagle Pass ISD, located on Hwy 277, 1 1⁄2 miles

east of the Rio Grande River and 18 miles northwest of Eagle Pass in the Quemado Valley of

Maverick County. In 1897, Quemado had a one teacher school which was later renamed M.M.

Kirchner Elementary in 1981; honoring a beloved educator who had taught these students for

over four decades. Quemado Valley currently holds a population of 1,183 citizens. The school

currently provides both general education and special education services to 106 students in

Pre-K through 6th grade. Our school's population is 99% Hispanic of who mostly speak English

but do speak to some family members in Spanish and 1% is White. Job opportunities available

to community members consist of farms which grow hay and pecans, a couple diners which

serve the locals, the county water district and of course, M.M. Kirchner Elementary. Our school

has a large transfer rate due to community members looking for other opportunities for

employment elsewhere. Most families must commute to Del Rio, Texas or Eagle Pass, Texas for

work and/or groceries. Public Education Information Monitoring System (PEIMS) enrollment

data shows 83.3 percent of the students are economically disadvantaged, 67 percent of the

students are classified as being in at-risk situations, 51 percent are English Language Learners

(ELL) 11 percent are Gifted & Talented and 5 percent are in Special Education. Kirchner

Elementary employs 9 classroom teachers, one support professional (Counselor) and a Campus

Principal. More than 66.1 percent of the total school budget for the year, is used for

instructional related services and the other 33.9 percent provides support for student services

such as counseling, health services, co- curriculum, general administration and school

maintenance funds.

M. M. Kirchner Elementary’s moral and ethical fundamental beliefs are the core values that

move an organization to commit itself to a specific mission and provide the moral and ethical

priorities that guide all of the organization’s activities and success.

Excellence and equity in student performance are achievable for all students. We provide

equitable academic and socio-emotional student support among high expectations for all our

students to ensure that every child becomes a responsible, productive citizen regardless of

race, gender, economic or social background, or unique developmental needs. We provide a

relatively orderly, safe, and clean environment to our students. We believe in a proactive and

problem-solving school culture. Since we are a small school, interdependence of school

personnel, (teachers, custodians, paraprofessionals, counselor, administrator) plays a vital role

in the creation and maintenance of a climate conducive to effective teaching and learning.)

School Spirit

School Colors: Light Blue & White

School Mascot: Cowboys

M. M. Kirchner Elementary believes in:

● That Excellence and Equity in Student Performance are Achievable for ALL Students

● Every Student Succeeds

● That the Teachers and ALL Staff Believe in High Expectations through a Positive, Learning Environment and Create A Community where ALL Students Belong

● Parent/ Community Involvement

● Cowboy Creed:

○ As a Proud Kirchner Cowboy I will always do my best in school.

○ I will be responsible, on task, actively involved and respectful.

○ I will strive to be a peaceful person today. Go Cowboys!!

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