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Workshop Description:

Differentiated Instruction is an accepted best practice with proven results for improving student achievement.  Many of the new technologies offer educators the means to facilitate the implementation of DI into heterogeneous classrooms.  This three-part workshop will introduce administrators and teacher-leaders to internet-based and Web 2.0 tools that will enhance differentiated instruction, and provide strategies and resources to turnkey the training to their district or school staff.

Workshop Goals:

Participants will be able to use technology to enhance the following aspects of differentiated instruction:

  • Assessment
  • Differentiating Content, Process and Product
  • Structuring and Managing DI in the classroom


Before beginning the workshop, please take this brief survey:

EETT Project Goals
Goal 1: To develop leaders in technology integration who will be able to adopt and regularly use effective 21st Century strategies and skills, as defined by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills and enGuage 21st Century Skills.
Goal 2: To develop leaders in technology who will be able to collaborate in a sustained professional learning network using a blended approach of online communities,  Web 2.0 tools, and school-based collaboration.

Goal 3:    To build capacity for district leaders to turnkey the learning opportunities within each leading team's school and district, including how to support staff in this new learning environment.

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