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Katsuhiko KAKUNO, Ph.D.     


Regarding my CV, at this stage I have no English version.
Only Japanese version is available on on-line at http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=dfv5m4gz_16cq3knqj4&hl=ja
Pharmacist, and Ph.D. (Pharm.Sci.)
Dive master of PADI and licensed diver (state license holder)
ProZ member     : http://www.proz.com/profile/34612 
http://www.translator.jp/ (  Translator Number  2257)  

Recently I also belong to the Clinicalbioinformatics Engineering Research Unit at Univ. Tokyo.
I have long experience of research in bio- and neuro- pharmacology at Univ. Osaka and Univ. Tokyo,
and I have experience of trading of medical and pharmaceutical devices from Europe to Asia.
 I have several teaching job at medical college, mainly clinical pharmacology and clinical biochemistry.
My Rate :
I t quite depend on occasion (timing), volume, dead line, and field of document
There is minimum charge system : 13000JY (ca. 130USD)
Range of rate  for medical 0.20-2.0 USD  (Generally 0.5-1.2)
They are very much negotiable . Generally QUICK-JOB is not welcome.
Payment : PayPal (Int'l) or Bak Transfer (Jpn Domestic) 
Please contact from Proz.com or JAT