Exam Entries

The E-Learning Service can support exams that a pupil is entered for by the school or can take full responsibility for making exam entries.


If the pupil is continuing with school exam entries, e-teachers can dovetail the work set to fit in with the school Boards and Syllabi if this information is made available.  Coursework can also be supported but would not be set or marked by the e-teachers.


If the E-Learning Service is responsible for covering exam work with the pupil, it will select the Board and Syllabus for the subject requested and coursework will be set in lessons and marked by e-teachers.  The E-Learning Service will write to the school exam office requesting that an exam entry is made and any coursework will be sent to the school in good time for Board deadlines. 


N.B. In every case, the pupil will be expected to sit exams in school or under the supervision of the school and arrangements for exams will be made by the school exam office.

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