The Cost

E-learning is charged at £32 + VAT for a subject each week - term time only. Provision for each subject comprises 3 one-hour lessons and a one-hour web-chat each week making an hourly rate of £8 per hour + VAT

There is no cost for computer equipment when this is needed by the pupil* but schools are expected to cover the cost of exam entries and exam invigilation.

In addition to the costs stated, schools are expected to nominate a ‘key-worker’ within their staff who can field any concerns raised by the E-Learning Service about the pupil.  Ideally the key-worker will be in regular contact with the pupil receiving e-learning and can pass back any technical or personal difficulties or issues with work that a pupil is having.  Active engagement by and support from the keyworker is a vital contributor to the success of this provision for a pupil.

Because of the initial investment in time and equipment, it is expected that the pupil will be offered lessons for a minimum period of 6 weeks and schools will normally be charged for this period even if provision ends sooner.  Any shorter time period would have to be negotiated with the Service manager on referral. 

*The E-Learning Service will always use equipment available in the home whenever possible

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