Who We Are

Over 30 years of publishing experience

Publisher Don Odom brings more than 30 years of experience to the business of publishing quality books and periodicals. He has a broad background in scientific, academic and trade publishing. With respect to scientific publishing, the company has a particular interest in forensic science, genetics and neuroscience. However, we are also passionate about all genres of writing that have wide appeal.

A focus on quality - a 'pro-author' approach

Our focus is on finding and publishing the best books possible. We consider ourselves to be 'pro-author risk-takers' and welcome book proposals from new and upcoming authors.

Your only investment is your mansuscript. Isn't that investment enough?

We are not a 'vanity' or 'pay-to-publish' press. There are no author fees or other charges to publish with LIMITED EDITIONS PRESS. We believe that your job as an author is to write. Furthermore, we believe that you should should actually earn real money - royalties - from what you write. You entrust your manuscript to us, and we'll produce and market it across an array of traditional distribution and new and emerging digital channels.

We are not greedy. Because our overhead costs are low, we can offer authors a more generous royalty rate than what they might receive at a traditional house.

Submitting your proposal

Please email your proposal consisting of a brief synopsis, market summary, author biographical sketch, and the first 50 pages of your manuscript to submissions@limitededitionspress.com.

Please submit this material as an email attachment saved in .rtf (rich text file) format.

We will contact you once we have reviewed your material.