Announcing Publication of WHAT BROUGHT YOU HERE? by Nancy Duci Denofio

posted Oct 14, 2010, 11:41 AM by Don Odom   [ updated Oct 14, 2010, 11:44 AM ]

What Brought You Here? is the debut poetry collection from Nancy Duci Denofio of Saratoga Springs, NY. Her poetry is the product of a keen sense of observation and detail, providing a colorful canvas of time and place which she paints with words as her medium. As she writes: “As a poet my words fill my mind as paper fills the floor where I work. I find words unending – what we create comes from deep inside of us, and each artist shares through expression without hesitation.” In this volume, she addresses universal themes of fundamental importance to us all – the bliss and wonder of love, the agony and pain of death and separation, and the simple joy of being alive – that are sure to strike a chord with readers everywhere.

About the author:
Nancy Duci Denofio has been writing all her life whether keeping journals or writing poetry continuously since junior high school. Her work has appeared in numerous publications both in the United States and abroad. She is a member of the International Women’s Writers Guild and as a workshop director has worked with writers on presentation and reading of their work. She is a passionate supporter of health care reform in the United States and as a committed citizen advocate participated in a number of high level initiatives concerning this issue. She is the mother of two wonderful daughters and two darling sons-in-law, and has five loving grandchildren. Born in Schenectady, NY, she now resides with her husband in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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