LIMITED EDITIONS PRESS™ is a popular fiction and non-science non-fiction imprint of DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™ Quality books with wide appeal are welcome for review for possible publication. Direct submission of book proposals are welcome. We are especially interested in finding and developing new writing talent.

About DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium

DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millenniumwas founded to meet the challenges of the ‘post-Gutenberg’ era in publishing in which there has been a profound paradigmatic shift from ‘print and distribute’ to one of ‘distribute and print’.

The mission of Dystenium LLC is simple - to publish the finest books possible while minimizing the overall environmental footprint of the publishing enterprise. Technological advances in composition, dissemination and marketing, and end-of-chain print-on-demand production offer unprecedented opportunities for authors and publishers.

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