Meeting the challenges of the 'post-Gutenberg' era

DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millenniumwas founded to meet the challenges of the ‘post-Gutenberg’ era in publishing in which there has been a profound paradigmatic shift from ‘print and distribute’ to one of ‘distribute and print’.

The mission of Dystenium LLC is simple - to publish the finest books possible while minimizing the overall environmental footprint of the publishing enterprise. Technological advances in composition, dissemination and marketing, and end-of-chain print-on-demand production offer unprecedented opportunities for authors and publishers.

Traditional book publishing is in a state of upheaval

Traditional book publishing has seen low or negative sales increases in past years. Publishers Weekly reported recently that while trade book sales in 2009 were flat, e-book sales increased by nearly 200%.

It is impossible to predict the advances that may be achieved in publishing technologies in just the next 5-10 years. To be successful in the marketplace of today and even the near-tomorrow, a publishing company must be both nimble and flexible in absorbing the best aspects of the technological improvements and innovations that are occurring at a dizzying pace, DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™ as much as any other objective seeks to be a conceptual platform for developing new norms in post-Gutenberg era publishing operations.

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