Egypt modern history started when Egypt was a part of British in 1882.British troop were in Egypt in till after 1956 after the 1936 Anglo-Egyptian Treaty.1882 European army were one of the most dangerous army in at the time.1882 France and British come up to Alexanderia and spread fear all over country. Tawfiq move away from Alexanderia for his own safety as the army taken over control of the government. By June Egypt was under control of British. The purpose of the invasion had been to restore political stability to Egypt under a government of the Khedive and international controls which were in place to streamline Egyptian financing since 1876.British occupation ended in 1938.In 1906 Denshawai incident provoked  a questioning of the British rule in Egypt.1914 the result is the declaration of wars. From march 1919 this count as the first revolution in Egypt. From March 1919 this count as the first revolution in Egypt, this revolution led to a death of 800 people.

        Another war, Egypt precipitated in another war at red sea in 1967. The war take up to six day.  Israel control of the entire Sinai peninsula, the Gaza Strip, The West Bank of the Jordan and the Golan Height. The Suez Canal was closed because of war debris (it reopened only in 1975). Nasser’s death in 1970 was follow by the succession of Anwar el-Sadat as president. Jewish holy day of Yom Kipper in 1973, Egypt and Syria attacked Israel and in the fierce.

        In 1977, Sadat visit Jerusalem as prelude to the signing to peace treaty with Israel has help since 1979. While maintained the relation with us Egypt manage to improve its ties with the Arab world.   Egypt participated in the coalition war against Iraq in 1991 Gulf War. Egypt participated in the coalition war against Iraq in 1991 Gulf War. In 1980, 1990 and the present Egypt had to handle the problems cause by the increasing violent Muslim fundamentalist.