Welcome to 8th Grade Math!  The goal of 8th grade math is to help students build math skills and continue on their path to be "mathematically mature".  Mathematically mature students can not only manipulate processes and procedures, but also evaluate and analyze mathematical concepts.  This class has two focus points: 1) learn processes and procedures based on the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards and 2) become creative problem solvers by manipulating, evaluating, and analyzing mathematical concepts.

Students will be using various resources to learn the AZCCRS 8th Grade Math Standards.  One of these resources is the Math In Focus material.  Students will use these textbooks in class and also have access to online resources.

Students will also practice using the problem solving process, which involves the following steps: 1) Clarify the problem, 2) Make an inference, 3) Use appropriate processes and procedures, 4) Evaluate the accuracy of your solution, 5) Make connections and apply the same processes to the real world.

To learn more about the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards, please visit this link:
To learn more about the problem solving process, please visit these links:


2016 - 2017 8th Grade Math

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Required Materials for Class:

  • Pencils

  • Blue or Black pens

  • Spiral Notebook or Composition Notebook

Suggested Materials for Class:

  • Loose leaf lined paper

  • Loose leaf grid paper

  • Scientific Calculator (Ti-30X suggested)

Arizona law requires that public schools provide supplies required for academic success. This list represents optional, supplementary items, which you may supply, at your discretion. If you have questions, feel free to contact the school.

Google Classroom:

Each Block will have a Google Classroom account.  All lessons, worksheets, and assignments will be posted.  If a student is absent, check Google Classroom for notes and assignments.

Codes by Block:

Block 1: kwrqcp

Block 2: evpq9c

Block 3: xi2if4

Block 4: sov5b30


Students will be assigned weekly homework.  All homework will be assigned on Monday and it will be due the following Monday.  Homework is worth 10% of the student's final grade.

  • Weekly Worksheet: consists of 7 - 8 problems based on the previously taught concepts

  • Weekly Reflection:  students will reflect on a weekly prompt in Google Classroom

  • Tenmarks:  online practice problems over material that was previously taught


Students will take assessments at the end of each unit in the 8th Grade Math Curriculum.  Assessments make up 60% of the student's final grade.

Retake Policy:

Per District policy a student can retake an assessment if the following conditions are met:

  • 80% of all classwork is completed

  • Extra practice and/or tutoring is documented

  • Retake occurs no more than four weeks from original test date

In order to retake an assessment in this class, you must fill out an Application to Retest, which will lay out the extra practice opportunities, reflection, and a checklist for items that need to be completed before a retest will be given.

If a student scores low on a homework or classwork assignment, they can fix the errors and turn it back in to be re-graded.  

Low project grades can also be fixed and turned in to be re-graded.  


Grades will be determined by a student’s proficiency level on most assignments and assessments.    A proficiency scale has four levels ranging from Marginally Proficient (1) to Highly Proficient (4).  A proficiency scale also lists specific criteria in which students need to show mastery.  Students will be shown or given a copy of a proficiency scale before handing in any assignment.  As long as students attempt every task and show progress, they will not fail.


Problem Solving Assignments:

Throughout the year students will be given problem solving assignments. These will be entered in the gradebook as "Project" grades worth 20% of their final grade.  Students will be graded on the assignments using the Problem Solving Rubric, which will be taught and discussed in class.

Final Exam:

At the end of each semester, students will take a final exam covering the semester's material.  This exam is 10% of the student's final grade, however, per district policy, there are no retakes for this exam.


Tutoring will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:15 - 7:55 am or by appointment.  Students wishing to attend tutoring will need to arrive at the office by 7:15 where I will meet them and take them back to my room.

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