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New Century Learning in Dysart School District

What are the National Education Technology Technology Standards?  Visit ISTE, also see Dysart's New Century Learner Skills handout.

"You can't teach people everything they need to know. The best you can do is position them where they can find what they need to know when they need to know it."-Seymour Papert

"Learners need to be producers, not just consumers. Learning styles are always oriented to reception. Many are auditory learners but visual producers or other combinations. We need application of “learning styles” for more than just the act of reception, but also that of creation." - Marcos Torres

Video Examples of the Technology Spectrum:
The Technology and Learning Spectrum, borrowed by Bernajean Porter, is a framework for understanding different types of technology use. The framework is divided into the categories of literacy, adapting, and transforming.

Literacy [Video]
Adapting [Video]
Transforming [Video]

Grappling's Technology Spectrum

Video Examples of Turning Up the Heat in Dysart:

Episode 1: 8th Grade Science
Episode 2: 5th Grade Social Studies
Episode 3: 4th Grade Social Studies
Episode 4: First Grade Science
Episode 5: High School Government

Common Core Literacy Professional Development Website
iSchool Course Offerings:

New Century Learning:
1. New Century Learning:  Creativity and Innovation
2. New Century Learning:  Communication and Collaboration
3. New Century Learning:  Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
4. New Century Learning:   Research and Information Fluency
5. New Century Learning:   Digital Citizenship
6. New Century Learning:   Technology Concepts and Operations

Other Courses
1. QR Codes
2. Mobile Devices in the Classroom
3.Get connected as New Century Educator

Google Apps for Education: 
1. Google Docs: Create, Collaborate, Share
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